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You make me want to be a better artist

This week was especially challenging for me at work, creatively-speaking. For a while there I was on a sad and frustrating losing streak meaning all my concepts and designs were being shot down. “Not the concept we were going for.” “I’m not feeling the whole lightning theme.” and a straight up “No. Try something else.”
While I know it’s not aimed at me personally, it’s hard for me to not take criticism personally whether it’s constructive or not. Dude. That’s my art, it came from my heart and head…it’s personal. So whenever anything of mine gets rejected, I need a moment or two of self-pity before I recover and trudge on. You can imagine the lows I was feeling during my aforementioned losing streak.
But then the Design Faeries smiled upon me and granted me a small winning streak. For a couple of days all my ads and concepts were being approved without changes which, in my line of work, is rare. So a happy balance was struck and all was right in the universe again. What a relief and a fantastic way to end a work week.
While I hate feeling disappointed and mildly humiliated whenever a client or creative director is not feeling my designs, it’s good for me. Rejection challenges me to be a better artist. It keeps me humble. More importantly, it makes the little happy dances I do in between the losing streaks feel all the more triumphant.
Rock on.

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3 Responses

  1. inna says:

    art is personal, that’s why i don’t think i can be in that business. i do love architecture. which is art- just technical. even a frank lloyd wright structure leaks…so, don’t be sad. smile, and do that dance again.
    i think you are very talented and creative. also, i think you’re an awesome person!

  2. Patrick says:

    I was once the Creative Director at an agency that had a BEER CLIENT… I loved that account… the concepts came easy and there was always FREE BEER in the studio. Then there was the “local milk and soft drink” company… CLEARLY NOT THE SAME KIND OF (BEVERAGE) CLIENT. You’ll find your niche, just as I did.
    The nice thing about rejected concepts; they become presentations for other clients.

  3. Josie says:

    Inna thanks. I think you’re awesome and very talented too!
    Patrick, we don’t have a beer client but one of the perks of my job is the privilege of drinking a beer at my desk. It’s WAY better than a 401K.

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