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X-to-the-Z officially pimped cited

Customs officers found approximately two grams of marijuana tucked into Xzibit’s clothes at the Guam airport. He was cited for possession of marijuana, paid a fine, and went on to perform a concert at the University fieldhouse Sunday night.
Other than the video they play on all the dvd monitors on Pimp My Ride, I don’t know another Xzibit song. I heard the concert was actually pretty good. At least promotors are trying to keep with the times. The last couple of “big name” concerts were, if I remember correctly, Lifehouse and Boyz II Men. At this rate, maybe they’ll get the Backstreet Boys to stop by on their way to China. Sheesh.

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4 Responses

  1. tom says:

    sad. like didn’t he know he could’ve scored the best pohnpeian and palauan weed on guam?
    not that i would know. that’s just what i heard. 😉

  2. sahr says:

    Mr. X to the Z had performed in Guam? Whoah! Breaking news to me. And the Shanghai Circus too? Gotta make a finadeni sp run of these days.

  3. Josie says:

    Yeah, and if you like 3 Doors Down, they’ll be here the first weekend of April.

  4. carolyn says:

    xzibit had a couple good songs back in the day. one is “paparazzi” with the alkoholiks. but my favorite is one where he’s featured with Erick Sermon and DJ Quik called “Focus”. \X/ (throwin up my “w” haha!)

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