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Would you rather live in the ascendency of a civilization or during its decline?

I’ve been saying it for years: Nerds are alright. Geeks are hot. Dorks are not cool.
There are a lot of wannabe-geeks out there. Fake geeks, if you will. They’re usually bragging on their blogs about how geeky they are because they do things like, oh, use the computer to browse the internet or mess around with free templates (however, they never talk about how they rip off code). A geek doesn’t have to brag or even call themself a geek. If they do that’s how you know they’re actually dorks.
And nerds? Well there ain’t no disguising a nerd. You’ll just know.
I am none of the above.
Lewis Skolnick: There are 6,127 students at Adams, 58% of which are girls.
Gilbert Lowe: So?
Lewis Skolnick: So, that’s 7,107.32 boobs.

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4 Responses

  1. leevin says:

    I totally agree – although, I’d wager that geeks pre-dated the internet and templates.
    Dorks are wanna-be geeks who should be reviled. Are you listening Jason Mraz, you poser!

  2. fabmimi says:

    cool josie! i, too, know the geek divide. geeks never declare their geek status….they must already have the cool points to be considered one.

  3. Josie says:

    Leevin, I read your in defense of dorkiness and what can I say? You’re pretty alright–for a dork.
    Mimi, I read your post and I haven’t heard anyone use ‘dweeb’ in years! I’m going to try to bring it back. LOL

  4. les says:

    lol.. loved it.. thanks.. it’s been crazy stress for me the last two days… thanks for the laugh…

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