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Worst weekend, ever.

We have to move, pronto. Our neighbor is psychotic and is supposed to be on medication. He lives alone and unmonitored. Judging by the way he has become increasingly loud and violent (screaming at the top of his lungs and banging things in his house in the middle of the night) he is obviously NOT taking his medication. Yesterday was the final straw. It started to rain and he decided to just get in his car and drive recklessly in circles at full speed IN OUR YARD like he was in the Smokin’ Wheels endurance race. He basically tore up the lawn. I called The Neighbor’s father (even though I could have called the police) and they came and took the car away. Later that evening The Neighbor BANGED ON OUR DOOR and SCREAMED for me to come downstairs and talk to him. Of course I didn’t dare go outside. Addison talked to him and told him to leave me alone. The psychotic blames me as the reason his father took his car away–not because of his dangerous driving, what he did to our lawn, or the fact that another neighbor called the cops on him three days ago for doing the same thing in HER yard. No, it’s MY fault because I’M the one who called his dad and they came and took the car away. “WHY DID YOU GO CRYING TO MY DAD? YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID? THEY TOOK MY F@#KING CAR AWAY!” Needless to say, he is REALLY pissed and his anger is directed at me.
However much I love the house we currently live in, there is no way I can live here as long as he’s living next door. I’m afraid to go outside to the garage by myself just to retrieve the laundry from the dryer. I haven’t been this scared since the time I filed a permanent restraining order against a stalker five years ago. The Neighbor’s father has tried to reassure us by saying his son is not a threat to us, that He’s only a threat to himself, but how does he know for sure? He’s only just figured out that his son is psychotic and needs help, even though I knew the minute I met him that something was off about him.
I’m really upset about this and I am stressing bigtime. I really want to blame someone, but I’m not sure who to blame. If someone is psychotic but doesn’t seek any kind of treatment because they don’t think they’re psychotic, are they to blame? I’ve seen homeless people wandering the streets of Agana talking to themselves and shouting at no one in particular. Did their families try to help them and gave up trying after a while because the person they were trying to help didn’t want to help themself? Are the people who know someone is dangerous and don’t take any steps to get the person help or committed to blame?
Sigh. Anyway. I’ve already been on the phone with a friend who’s a realtor and she’s going to send us a bunch of listings to review. If you’re the praying kind, I could sure use your prayers now for safety, peace of mind, and resolution.

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19 Responses

  1. disneymike says:

    Josie, I’m so sad to hear about your predicament. It’s really a shame that you are going through this. 🙁
    I will definitely pray for your and Addison’s safety and peace of mind during this trying time. I just hope that in the end something good comes out of this; you know, the silver lining in the dark cloud kind of thing.

  2. Michelle says:

    Josie, let me e-mail you.

  3. vincenzo says:

    hi josie…well, let me start off by saying that you are taking the right steps in resolving this problem. there should be no one to blame in this situation and it’s obvious that you and your husband are taking steps to get out of the situation. psycho people will eventually have their august tribunal. the world eventually tends to unfold before us. i know you will be safe and you have many friends that support you. take care and don’t do anything i would do.

  4. bianca* says:

    so sorry about the psycho..i will keep you in my prayers. i will also keep your neighbors in my prayers. hopefully his parents will realize that he needs help before it’s too late.

  5. Josie says:

    I just reread what I wrote and I don’t think I should use the word “blame.” “Responsible” is closer to what I mean. As in, “Who’s responsible for the psychotic behavior of a 27 year old man?”

  6. trench says:

    Wow, this is on Guam? Josie, I think you should really get out of there ASAP. Sounds very unsafe. I dont expect it to get better anytime soon either.

  7. Kel says:

    Josie — I’m sending prayers…hang in there, you will find a new home that is even better. And no worries about the other thing we emailed about…we can save it for another time when things are not so busy 😉 Peace…

  8. Annalynn says:

    Josie –
    Even if someone is crazy, if they knowingly hurt you, there are legal steps you can take.

  9. Patti Petkosek says:

    I live in Germany & will be moving to Guam next year. I came across your blog about a month ago when I started researching Guam and have been hooked ever since. Your photos and outlook on Guam life are fantastic. I check your blog every morning and knew something was amiss when there was nothing new all weekend. Regarding the psycho neighbor: you and your husband’s safety (and cats/dogs) are in my prayers. Please stay safe!!

  10. Donovan says:

    Really sorry to hear about having to move. You shouldn’t have to give it a second thought though if your personal safety is at stake.

  11. Cristina says:

    :/ I hope everything works out for you, Addison and your pets.

  12. Brian Que says:

    Josie, I’m sorry to hear about your current predicament. This is one of those things that suck about Guam… its care for their mentally ill. Mental health has been underfunded for the longest time and there are just not enough psychiatrist on the island to take care of them. On the mainland, this guy would be placed in a mental ward and given some antipsychotic meds and long term therapy before he starts harrassing you again.
    But with the current state of the Mental Health department, people like him fall through the cracks. And not only will they become a danger to themselves, they will also pose a danger to their surrounding communities….. just like yourself.
    I have had to deal with psychotics a few times in my medical career… even on Guam. And I can understand how frightened you are. A former weatherlady once came into my clinic and started threatening me, cursing me, and wishing a typhoon blew me over.
    My advice, if he does this again, take no chances, call the cops. If they let him loose again knowing that he has posed a danger to his neighbors in the past, they will be liable. But this is one guy that needs treatment right away, and like most schizophrenics, it will have to be done against his will. For his safety and for yours.
    You are in my prayers. Be careful.

  13. Jess says:

    I feel so bad. I can completely relate to your insecurities and definitely think you are doing the right thing by moving. Even if your neighbor did move away, he still knows where you live, and I’ve watched one too many CSI and SVU cases to ever hope that a deranged lunatic will somehow snap out of his crazy state before he hurts someone. Call me if you need help packing!

  14. Beth Rang says:

    Will keep you in my prayers too. The best of luck to you with finding a new home.

  15. Lescentive says:

    sorry a day late w/my comments.. if you need help packing let me know.. I will help all i can.. my offer still stands..i can call my uncle up and you can file a police report w/o going to the police station.. lol.. a copy will come to us.. it is soo nice to have family and know they can help.. oh yeah.. lock your doors..
    I will pray for your safety..
    Less is more..

  16. Nadia says:

    Sorry about your unfortunate situation. While I agree that your neighbor shouldn’t be driving, I disagree with how his father handled the situation. He acknowledged that the guy is “only a threat to himself”? Why is he living alone, unsupervised, and without medication? His father should take more responsibility for his child- even though he is an adult and get him the proper care he obviously needs!
    Meanwhile, you can sleep on my couch. My neighbors are crazy too, but they will probably like you! Seriously though, if you feel unsafe, maybe you should find another place to stay for the time being.

  17. Nadia says:

    I assume the barbeque is off?

  18. fabmimi says:

    stay safe my dear. so sorry your personal space feels so fragile. moving alone is a daunting task. let me know if there’s anything you need….even from miles away here in california! wanna move here?

  19. Rhia says:

    Wow. I just read this, and this reply is late, but I assume that so far things are okay? I hope they continue to be. How is the house hunting going?

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