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  1. Thomas Angstrom says:

    Funny. A lot of what I read is actually true. Yes, the truth does hurt even though the evil witch comes across as a total biotch. Guam need not sugar coat its rough edges but it does need to realize where it needs to improve upon its image. Unfortunately in tourism, looks count and details matter. Just ask yourself this question how would you rate a Guam experience if you had to come here as a tourist after having been to a so called world class destination such as Tahiti or Hawaii? Yes, Guam is a raw beauty but I think we’ve played host to Tourism far too long to let certain things escape us in this arena. It’s certainly time GVB do its part and start aggressively taking action with problems addressed with comments such as the one left in this blog. It is truly unfortunate but I’ve read many identical comments to this one in other travel blogs. Most mirror the same issues addressed such as garbage, graffiti, stray dogs, unkept sidewalks and streets, unspectacular and uninspiring foliage that decorate the roadways, etc. I hope GVB addresses these issues and focuses on maintenance once they take action.

  2. Thomas Angstrom says:

    Josie, why not start a a new thread on solutions for the local community to deal with the Ordot Landfill dilemma. I’ve been to Guatali and it would be a shame to build a dump in that area. Better to build wind turbines to harvest and collect natural energy which in turn can be used to harness electricity. This electricity can help augment GPA with the burning of fossil fuels at Cabras. Perhaps this will help solve the rolling power outs the island experiences on a frequent basis. Personally, I feel that an agreement with Japan should be worked out where the garbage produced on Guam is sorted in a facility and then barged over there where they have the technology to reap the benefits from it. This should be worked into the Federal agreement between the US and Japan to station their military troops on Guam. This trash situation will be the biggest problem Guam will be facing for years to come if it isn’t done right and soon.

  3. Josie says:

    I’ll wager there’s a thread on guampdn regarding the landfill situation if you’re looking for solutions and a sounding board. I’m not informed enough to start one here.

  4. Thomas Angstrom says:

    No worries. Figured your site could bring some awareness and fresh ideas to an otherwise not so fresh topic for discussion. I took several pictures of the newly proposed landfill area and I must say it’s a crying shame. Inarajan Falls is within a fair distance from the landfill and the area in general along with the natural falls is pretty spectacular. It’s a shame that this topic isn’t making the cover of PDN every day as I feel it deserves the attention and input from every single person that tosses out garbage at work and home.

  5. Kel Muna says:

    The comments on the Huffington Post article are all valid, I think. It’s just that it depends on the set of eyes you’re looking through and the time/experiences that you’ve had while on Guam. Take first impressions for example. If you meet a kind person who’s being a jerk because he/she’s having a bad day, you’d think that he/she is always that way.
    One thing I do agree with Tatiana on is: “the island’s defunct infrastructure and natural disaster’s, some of them caused by an ineffectual government policies and lack of oversight.” That and how Guam needs some good PR.
    My solution: Hire the management team that runs Disney World. It’s about the same size as Guam, right? I’m only kidding. Kind of.

  6. Thomas Angstrom says:


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