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Working Hard for the Money

>List all the jobs you’ve had in your life, and what age you were when you had them.
summer clerk, dept. of commerce, 13
summer clerk, dept. of labor, 14
salesclerk, artbox, 15
salesclerk, bennetton, 16
salesclerk, the sound factory, 18
salesclerk, gibson’s, 20
cashier, customer service rep, marketing support, graphic designer, pci, 21-26
barista, hava java, 23 (part time over a few years)
manager, cigar divan (for like ONE MONTH), 25
web designer, sentient earth, 27
admin assistant, ghra, 27 (another short stint, was between jobs)
graphic designer, by design, 27
web designer, icon, 28
graphic designer, glimpses, 29-30
graphic designer, triple j, 31-32
designer & photographer (& now art director!), inhouse, 32-33
Best job?
My favorites are SE, By Design, iCON and INHOUSE. and Hava Java.
Cigar Divan, hands down. Long hours and mean owners. I’m happy to say they are no longer in business.
Dude. I realize now that I’ve been collecting a paycheck for 20 years!
Now you.

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15 Responses

  1. Jesse says:

    Mowing lawns, sometimes getting paid 13-17
    Assembling certain “home testing kits” (e.g.) 18
    Carl’s Jr. 18
    Padres warehouse clerk (lackey) 19
    Air Traffic Controller-Air Force 19-23
    Unemployed Air Traffic Controller 23-24
    Air Traffic Controller-FAA 24-present
    Worst: Carl’s (slave driving boss and working 7+ consecutive days w/o qualifying for full time/overtime)
    Best: Padres (got free tickets to every other home game) and FAA (I get to live on Guam)

  2. Arnold says:

    Dishwasher/Cook-Issin Restaurant-3 months-15
    Waiter-Sakura Noodle House-3yrs-15-18
    US Army 8 yrs-18-26
    Little Tykes R&D-2 mos-26 (part time)
    Dept of Corrections 2yrs 8 mos 26-29
    McCall Dentistry-RDH-27 mos-29-31
    Dept of VA-RDH,Lab Tech-4yrs and going-31
    Currently also a part time
    Tactical/Private security Consultant
    when needed.

  3. Bob says:

    newpaper delivery boy 10-14
    tennis ball shagger, summer job, 14
    pool, billiard$ 15-50
    auto body painters assistant, school work study/summer job program, 15-16
    distributor – self employed 17
    file clerk 17 1/2
    motorcycle mechanic 18

    janitor, 19
    visual merchandiser, 20
    stereo department manager, audio consultant, 21
    night school college, automotive technology & weaving 20-22
    retail store manager 21-25
    shoe shine guy 25-27
    shoe repair shop 27-47

    department store entrepreneur 27-33
    mall entrepreneur 33-37
    director – franchise sales and retail development 38-41
    married 40-42 worst job!!
    shoe service industry historian/ archivist 40-45
    domain name broker 43-50
    ebay seller 44-
    semi retirement, banger 47-49
    pool, billiard$ 49-50

    travel & liesure, I love this job!! the big five-O feb. 9th
    Whew, I’m exhausted 🙂

  4. Joie says:

    summer clerk – Yigo Mayor’s Office – 15
    summer clerk – Nissan – 16
    summer clerk – Nissan – 17
    summer clerk – Calvo’s Insurance – 18
    file clerk – H&H distributors – 7 months – 18
    phone operator – 5 months – 18
    data entry clerk for a credit card company – 1 year – 19
    receptionist/cashier – honda delearship – 2 years – 20-22
    summer intern @ GPA – 21
    intern then full time at environmental engineering office – 1.5 years – 22-23
    regulatory paper pusher @ BD – 6 years – 23-28
    regulatory paper pusher @ Abbott – 3 months – 29
    regulatory paper pusher @ CHIRON – going on 4 years – 29 – ???
    best – summer intern at GPA – lots of fun and I really learned a lot, plus I got paid to be home for the summer
    worst – filing clerk. BORING. There’s nothing worse then sorting paper all day long and papercuts.

  5. inna says:

    cashier- filipino restaurant (forgot the name, short time as i ‘just got on island’), 21
    visual merchandising associate- gibson’s, 22
    human resource specialist- phrs, 23
    intern architect- rim architects (formerly hnc architects), 24-27
    cad draftsperson- thoma electric (3 months, while waiting for pults to hire me), 28
    intern architect- steven d. pults, aia & associates, 28-present
    my fave- rim and pults!

  6. Rich says:

    Holy Cow Josie… that’s quite a list!

    Trainee – PUAG (14) – Summer Youth Employment
    Trainee – JFK (15) – Summer Youth Employment
    Trainee – Superior Court (16) Summer Youth Employment
    Trainee – Continental (17) Summer Youth Employment
    Substitute Teacher – JFKHS (18-23)
    Sales Associate – Greatest Hits Plus (23-25)
    Market Research & Development Intern – PDN (27)
    Sr. Account Executive – Super Shopper (27-28)
    *Failed Video Production Startup (28-29)
    Asst. General Manager – TBS Guam Corp (28-33)
    33+ moving stateside
    Most Fun: Greatest Hits Plus… our “thing” was we let customers preview any disc in the store. Translated, that meant we listened to any disc in the store without buying it. Plus, everyone was fun to be around. 🙂

  7. les says:

    Summer Carnival – Drink Booth & Dunking Booth 14 & 15 yrs of age
    Gibson’s – I worked with Promotions 15
    GCC Practicum –
    Continental (doing yearly reports) 16
    PMC (doing data entry) 16
    GCC Admin Office (data entry/networking) 17
    I don’t remember of the computer company but I was 18 at the time, and it was located on Farenholt Avenue. Started computer working in the IT field at the time. Didn’t last long, thought i wanted to go into social work… lol..
    Sanctuary Youth Member/Scholarship recipient/House Parent 18 thru 21
    24th Guam Legislature… worked for a Senator.. Office/Admin aide.. something like that, don’t remember the title.. I was 22 i think..
    Executive Typing for a little while then landed at..
    RIM Architects – Receptionist – 4 yrs
    ARI Partners Architecture – Office Administrator – Present
    Worst Job: Guam Legislature, couldn’t believe the amount of BS coming in and out of there… it was overwhelming since i have morals and a conscience…
    Best Job: ARI Partners, it’s what i’m doing now… a combination of IT/Administration/One on one with clients… Plus my boss is extremely cool, i’ve never had a boss come in with a black eye before right after i was hired .. he got it from playing Rugby… and he laughed about it… i’m sure it hurt like hell…

  8. Allison says:

    There’s a typo on the inhouse website. When hovering over the I heart GUM tshirt, you’ve spelled “business” with an extra “n”.
    Can I be your Senior Spell Checker?

  9. tricia says:

    mcdonald’s, san diego (16)
    cashier, navy exchange, san diego (16-18)
    intern, the reporter, lansdale, pa. (19)
    intern, the new york times (22)
    editor, federal computer week, falls church, va. (22-24)
    editor, the philadelphia inquirer (24-26)
    editor, ladies’ home journal, new york, ny. (26-now)
    best job: the one i currently have … i love working in a magazine!

  10. Jim says:

    Thats how you spell guinness.

  11. Donovan says:

    server, connie’s fiesta caters (13-18)
    waiter, classic q’s (18)
    cabana boy, target golf (18)
    moving target, island paintball (19)
    handler, fedex (19-21)
    information agent, fedex (21-24)
    systems administrator (25-now)
    best job: current
    worst job: target golf

  12. Brian J Que says:

    Paper Boy- Sacramento Bee- 13-14
    Burger King (Kitchen worker and sometimes front part when I behaved)- 16-17
    Jenny Craig- Food Clerk- 17-18, got fired because I was caught eating some Peanut Butter Bars in the food room.
    Travis AFB- Civil Service summer Hire- 18- Clerk Typist
    Shoppette Convenient Store-19 Worked the graveyard shift
    19-28 Professional student from college to med school
    Pediatric Resident- Kapiolani Medical Center For women and children, Hawaii 28-31
    The Doctors Clinic, Tamuning, Guam- 31-32 Staff Pediatrician
    Back to Kapiolani- 32 to present- Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics Fellow
    Worse, paper boy… waking up at 4 in the morning, was sleep deprived during school, and only got like 50 dollars a month.
    Best, Pediatrician at TDC- loved my job, oved my salary =)

  13. resuri says:

    cashier at an ice cream place – 13
    random babysitting – 13-15
    summer internship with continental airlines – 17
    summer legal intern at phillips and bordallo – 18
    photo processing at ritz camera – 19
    summer legal intern at phillips and bordallo – 19
    student librarian at ucberkeley – 19-22
    summer intern at office of congressman robert underwood – 21
    intern at the gender and equity resource center at ucberkeley – 21-22
    summer volunteer at st. mark’s church, rochester, ny – 22
    summer law clerk at phillips and bordallo – 23
    law clerk at stephens and stephens llp (environmental law firm), buffalo, ny – 24-25
    summer intern at new york state capital defender’s office, rochester, ny – 24
    law clerk for judge mike bordallo – 25
    associate (attorney finally!) at phillips and bordallo – 26
    unemployed – present
    best job: toss up between being judge bordallo’s law clerk and being an attorney working for mike phillips. faaaaabulous jobs.
    worst job: not having one. right now. when i could be practicing law. right now.

  14. trench says:

    Everyone has resumes! lol.
    Heres mine
    Summer Employee Pilar Lujans office. (2 summers)
    Onward Agana Beach Hotel Lifeguard (1)
    Gameworks G&A and Team Lead (2)
    PC Outlet Sales Rep (1 day. lol.)
    Outback Steak House Busser (6 months)
    School Teacher (currently 7 years)

  15. fabmimi says:

    late in the game…but pretty long one for ya
    jmh novelties – 12-14 (family business)
    summer store clerk, that party place – 14
    summer store clerk, the sunglass hut- 15
    summer data entry clerk, title guaranty – 16
    amway distributor – 16
    summer data entry clerk, title guaranty – 17
    mommy – 17
    part-time store associate, tower records – 18
    part-time contractor’s assistant, vap international – 19
    part-time front desk associate, 24 hour fitness, 19-20
    part-time teller, wells fargo bank – 19-21
    part-time architectural intern, k2a architects – 19-24
    summer cad drafter, macario and associates – 19
    summer cad drafter, architects laguana and cristobal – 21
    junior architect – arthur tam & assoc. – 23
    junior architect – mbh architects – 24
    junior architect – vitae architecture – 24-26
    summer project coordinator – guam advance – 24
    project coordinator – brereton architects 26 – current
    part-time mortgage consultant – current
    part-time cad consultatant – current
    part-time web consultant – current
    as-needed event coordinator – current
    best job is at mommy
    worst ever is data entry

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