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Without me, it’s just aweso

I had dinner with a friend recently and over Indian curry and naan she asked what’s new and I started to tell her and abruptly stopped myself after a few sentences. I suddenly realized I was speaking in “we’s”. As in:
“Oh, we had a great time the other night with our friends!”
“We had so much fun in Japan!”
“We loved that movie!”
“We’ll see you Sunday!”
When did I start speaking for “we” instead of “me”?
People (my single friends especially) must be annoyed by this.
I know I am.

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8 Responses

  1. vincenzo says:

    you have to control yourself from paying too much attention to the pronoun game lady =)

  2. Jessica says:

    While I believe it is extremely important to live some part of your life without your significant other…I can truly appreciate the sweetness and sentiment that ‘WE’ connotes. And this is coming from the ultimate single!

  3. Haji says:

    Marriage, thy name is one. you can always just drop the me’s and the we’s and just use “one” as in “one had a good chocolate truffle together yesterday evening,” but I think one would loose ones friends. 😛
    Anyway, whats wrong with “we”?

  4. Josie says:

    There’s nothing wrong with “we” per se. “We” are one in marriage, but are two people with distinct personalities. I want to avoid getting in the habit of automatically saying “we” in reference to things that don’t neccessarily reflect “we”. I also don’t want to be insensitive or annoying to those who don’t care to have the “we” up in their faces all the time. 🙂

  5. Brian Que says:

    Hey hey… it’s okay Josie. Totally understandable. You’re married, you have a great excuse. Now as for my friend Gollum.. Well? See? Using “we” is just plain scary. *wink*

  6. Michelle says:

    “We” sounds lovely, Josie. 🙂 Many people aspire to speak sincerely in the 4th person. Your friends are probably more happy for you than they are annoyed.

  7. Haji says:

    Here, Here, Michelle!
    Im not at all sure of youre background, Josie, but if you were to look at the oldest couple you know (ie.: your own parents, grandparents, best friends folks) youll see an odd connection between them that transcends me or he (as it were).
    I do honestly feel that my own folks are in a symbiotic relationship (as in one cannot live without the other), as were my own paternal grandparents
    In your own marriage, you may regard yourselves as individuals; and super-kudos for that: for if not, perhaps spite or other ugly stuff may evolve between you and yours (meaning you have to accept the line: like, HEY! You are you and I am me, but we still connect) but as the years progress, I do hope you will find that one cannot live without the other one; and I do believe that is a fundamental truth, and a sanctity in marriageI dont mean to preach, and I am not qualified to say so, but all of this we business, I think, is absolutely wonderful: youre recognizing each other for who you each are! I think its called respect.
    And I dont need to close this comment with good luck
    as you already have it!!!

  8. disneymike says:

    We (Michael and Toni) are extremely happy for you (Josie and Addison!)

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