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Who What and Why

Once in a while I go through an online identity crisis in which I question who I am, what my purpose is and where I’m going with this website. It’s been difficult to write anything here lately because I’m not certain anymore who I’m talking to or, more importantly, what that reader’s expectations are. I think some of you come here to find information about life on Guam because you are missing the place you once called home or are planning on moving here. Some of you come here because you know me IRL (In Real Life) and maybe we don’t see eachother regularly and this website is a means of keeping in touch and up to date. Others of you happened upon this place by clicking a link from another website or search engine.
Ten years ago I started publishing to the web because it was fun and I was learning web design and needed a project to practice and develop on. I’m still having fun and I’ll keep doing this until it isn’t fun anymore. But now more than ever, I feel obligated to post information and links about Guam with more regularity and I’ve been guilting myself for not doing that. How do I deal with that guilt? By avoiding this place altogether.
The truth is I am a self-centered. There is no method to my entries; I write about the stuff I think is interesting or funny and I think little of the mass appeal of it. I love the feedback I receive through comments because they validate my online existence. But even if I never got a single comment, I think I’d continue to do this because, like I said, I’m self-centered and this website is really for me. The problem with feeling obligated is it keeps me from writing about things I want to share but don’t because I don’t think you’ll find it interesting or entertaining or even relevant.
So what does this mean? I don’t really know. I’m just thinking out loud here. I’ll keep doing this until it stops being fun and I will try to ignore the self-imposed pressure I feel from time to time to define this website’s format. This means there might be times where updates are few and far between but that really is the best I can do right now.
There. I feel a little better already.

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9 Responses

  1. Jason Salas says:

    “sounds like somebody’s got a case of the mondays” – office space
    i’ve always enjoyed your site because of the quality of your writing and the honesty with which you post, not necessarily the frequency. it’s very entertaining, informative – a wonderful look into a really talented chick’s unique life experience.
    a redeeming quality is your ability to be genuine – not consistently fulfilling some quota for blog posts or to appease google adsense. you can’t predict creativity and you genius doesn’t work M-F from 8-5, so go with what your heart, mind & gut tell you. to do otherwise wouldn’t be…you. and that, my friend, would change your site. go on wit’ yo bad self! hahaha.
    i also believe absence makes the heart grow fonder, so perhaps your adoring public unconsciously enjoys it if every now and then there’s a little space between posts. 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    totally hearing “we’re not gonna take it” playing in my head now! feeling a little lackluster today too, let’s reconnect and get our mojo back 😉

  3. tricia says:

    I think people like to read your blog not just because your posts are interesting, but because YOU are interesting. Trust me, that always shines through, no matter what you’re writing about, and it’s what makes people who don’t know you IRL (haha) keep coming back. And even if you never write about Guam again, which is highly doubtful, you’re a girl who lives in Guam, writing about your life … on Guam. I think you’re allowed to have other interests and topics of conversation. Keep it up, whatever you decide to write about.

  4. Toni says:

    I have to agree with everyone else here. While it is nice to get glimpses of Guam, I don’t think your readers expect it from you. Just keep doing what your doing… and most importantly: have fun doing it.

  5. henry says:

    i come here for the political commentary and satirical outlook on foreign policy. oh, and you have a nice cat. hahaha. keep ’em coming, josiepie.

  6. Kel Muna says:

    In all my conversations with other (i know you hate this word) bloggers ;( questioning the motive for your online existence is a common feeling that sweeps us all up every now and then. Besides, that’s always been the beauty of L13 – it’s originality, personal direction and connectivity.
    It would be a total bummer if you took a hiatus from L13 (sorry, I’m being a bit selfish). I was just talking to Leo and Miget Bevacqua the other day about how Guam is seriously lacking online content. So please don’t go away! Guam needs you! 🙁

  7. Josie says:

    Hey, thanks guys! I didn’t mean to come across as self-loathing or needing to throw a pity party. lol
    I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Ironically, L13 is such a big part of who I am IRL. I can’t imagine not having this space.

  8. Bob says:

    Keep it about you and the things you like and we will keep coming. If you try to anticipate what your readers want you will lose the spark that makes you interesting.
    We come here because of YOU!!

  9. Gina says:

    Hi…love your site. Not sure if I’ve left a comment before letting you know how your site makes me incredibly homesick. In case you run out of ideas I saw this on neatorama and thought of Rotary Sushi in Tumon. It seems to fit your wit.

    Thanks and know that there are Guammies like me who find solace in Latitude 13.

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