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18 Responses

  1. carolyn says:

    i think i actually know this one! it’s the sign at Kings!

  2. Joy says:


  3. Jim Chen says:

    Am I too late? Kings! Fiesta Plate rules!

  4. Annalynn says:

    Of course, its Kings. I loved going there after a night out — I especially miss the combination fried rice. Yummy!

  5. Tilde says:

    KINGS!!! That was my favoriate hang out place back home!

  6. vanilla ice says:

    kings. they changed the fried rice a couple months ago;-(

  7. maricar says:

    I miss the King’s Loco Moco soooo bad. I wanna go home!! Wahh! LOL

  8. Brian J Que says:

    Kings…. Tamuning I think.

  9. vincenzo says:

    is it King’s in Harmon? the one right behind my sister’s house?

  10. brent says:


  11. inna says:

    crepe ala mode is my fave!

  12. rhia says:

    man, that font jumped at me and said “KINGS!” could it be the one in front of GPO?

  13. RichT says:

    Wow… we love to eat. Remember when the Crepe was only $2.85?
    Favorite #2 was the “Teri Plate Style”

  14. min says:

    ya, i suck at this game, but i know this one…KINGS!

  15. christine says:

    KINGS! Come on, Josie! Make it harderrrr!

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