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Where Am I? [Round 2.7]

Dear Internet,
I’m sorry, but there is no Where Am I? photo this week.
I have a very good reason: I was up late listening to Ronnie spin at Brutus last night and forgot about everything outside of the room. If you weren’t there you missed out on some great music and an impromptu performance of Brother and myself busting out the lyrics to La Di Da Di.
For all of y’all keepin y’all in health
Just to see you smile and enjoy yourself

Anyway. To make it up to you, and because last night put me in a kind & generous mood, I’m going to make this week’s round easy as pie. All you have to do is tell me what village you’re from (or where you lived if you lived on Guam temporarily). Bonus point (!) if you tell me a little about your village and what you like or remember most about it. Another bonus point (!) if you tell me about a great hiking and/or swimming spot in your village and include good directions to it.
Good luck!

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7 Responses

  1. Mangilao is where I grew up mostly. The mom’s side of the family is originially from Agana Heights, however. As far as hiking? Isn’t there a cave or something off of the back road to AAFB? Anyway… yeah, I grew up right down the road from GW & UOG. Mungi-town in the hi-zouse.

  2. Brian Que says:

    Santa Rita. Central Village part.
    What I remember most? The very VERY first Kim Chee store was right accross my grandma’s house on Bishop Olano Dr. Back in 1978 he opened shop, way before he opened up in Agat and spread elsewhere throughout the island. Mr. Kim was a sweet man, and he knew my grandparents well. A couple of times I stole some things from his store (I was a klepto 6 yo), he simply told my grandparents and I got spanked hard. Being Korean and new to Guam, he knew that family was key in our culture… no need to get the law involved.
    Hiking? There’s Namo falls, but I don’t think there’s much hiking there.

  3. vincenzo says:

    tamuning….royal hawaiian apartments, getting visits from Josie and running across marine drive to get sandwiches at winchell’s or fried stuff at denny’s…hahahahaha….

  4. Christine Lalaine says:

    I hopped all around the island, but spent most of my time in Agana Heights. What I loved about my time there was the house I lived in–it was built just after WWII and had hard wood floors and walls. Since there was no air con when the house was built, the walls didn’t go all the way up to the ceiling or down to the floor. It was like I was living in a little piece of history! You already know about it, but the Fonte River is just down the street… follow Fonte Rd and you’ll find it. My brother would spend his afternoons exploring the area.

  5. rhia says:

    i wish i could say i lived near a river or even by the ocean. i know of no hiking/boonie stomping spots in my area either; i went a little south for those things (tarzan, sigua falls). however, i did like that down the street from where i lived was a bakery. also, i loved my neighbors who’d sing-a-along very loudly to their karaoke. this happened so frequently that soon enough i had picked a favorite vietnamese song they sang to; even though i didn’t understand a lick. oh yeah, my village is dededu.

  6. Cool, free points!
    I was stationed at AAFB in the 80’s and fell in love with the island and then a local Yigo boy named Les. After the most romantic marriage proposal in Paris, we were married and traveled the world. In 1995, we finally landed back on Guam to lay roots with our two boys. Because Guam could not support our medical needs, in 2004 my husband received a job promotion to Chicago, my hometown.
    My husband’s family lived/s in Yigo and his grandparents owned the Yigo store across from the Yigo Church in the 70’s. I learned about the culture and language from his family and coupled with learning Chamorro from si Rosa at the Uof G motivated me to publish the coloring book “Guam’s Treasures.” (on sale at faith and bestsellers) It breaks my heart the language is dying and that is why I gave away profits to support the culture and language. It was my way of trying to fight back. I am not a trained artist or photographer. I took an illustration course from Professor Castro at U of G and discovered I could do “graphic art.” I am currently working on a few Guam projects. I love children’s books because I am a teacher. I have some great books to write about my husband’s family. It is a slow process because I have to work too. 🙂
    One of my U of G independent art projects was a huge mural I painted across from Yigo Elementary School, aka Daniel L. Perez. My husband’s uncle actually donated the land for that school. The mural is a monochromatic taro theme. I painted it in attempts to ward off a daily barrage of tagging.
    The best place in Yigo, for sure is Tarague beach. It is so beautiful. It is so wonderful to see Guam as the ancient Chamorro’s would have seen it. My first time descending down the hill to the beach, I was struck by the coconut trees below. How prophetic, it was my husband’s Great-Grandpa who planted and harvested those trees. He carried that copra on his back up that hill. And the cliff I would stare at while I was tanning on the beach was the very cliff his Grandmother scaled in the night when the Japanese were invading. Now the family doesn’t have access to their own land. 🙁
    Tuan’s restaurant is a must if you are going to Tarague. It is on the way. What I would not do for a sample of beef lemongrass and their lumpia. If you don’t feel like sitting down, there was a little outside grill next to New Yes Market that had great BBQ food for cheep. Pack it and take it to the beach.
    Guam is an amazing place. Be grateful if you get to live there. Yes there are always problems no matter where you live, but the food, music, people, island beauty, and sunsets seem to erase those problems.

  7. vanilla ice says:

    i’m not admitting nor am i denying,i have ever been to guam, lived in guam, or ever heard of guam, but if i had…
    i would probably have lived in the dededo region. maybe around ncs.
    my favorite memory? watching all the people who drive lowriders in my neighborhood get down with the electric slide and achy breaky heart on saturday nights and having a hell of a time doing it.
    and i would probaly go hiking around urunao beach. that’s just a bit north of double reef and a bit south of the wild life refuge. now there is a beautiful beach resort there, and a 1/2 mile south of the resort you can hike an see latte sites. it’s really nice and entire villiage. you can see wells, lattes, pottery shards all over the ground, and caves in that area. other than that the ridge line hike down south is nice.
    but of course, you didn’t hear this from me. and i know nothing about it….
    fyi, the satellite photos on google are at least 24 months old. some of the pics were on a sunday between 10am-1pm. some on a saturday, and some on a weekday. kids were playing soccer. no football or baseball. i’ve gotten it narrowed down to somtime around june of 2005. i posted a bit more in that comment section. but nowadays, THEY can read YOUR liscense plate on a overcast day, so remember, big brother is watching you!

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