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Where Am I? [Round 1.1]

The Rules:
1. You have until Monday 12:00 (noon) GUAM TIME to submit your guess. Off-islanders can look up the time difference at timeanddate.com. Post your answer in the comments section of this entry. Please do not email me directly with your answer.
2. One guess per person. Only one! Once you submit, you can’t change your mind so think about it!
3. Be as specific as possible. I realize some of you have been away from the island for a long time but “Somewhere in Tamuning” is not specific enough and will not score points.
4. Do not post or link to any information in order to confirm your guess is the correct answer. For example, no “Oh I know it’s this place because that’s where I got married” or “I used to live next door to it.” Just the location, please. You can share your stories and links after the answer is posted on Monday.
5. One point for every correct answer. First person to answer correctly scores one extra point. I will keep score.
6. Please use your real name & email address (email will not be published). Whoever scores the most points in a round (8 weeks) will receive a gift in the mail. I don’t know what it will be yet, but it’ll be something cool for sure. If there is a tie at the end of the round the winner will be randomly selected.
7. Once a winner is selected, a new round will begin. One winner every 8 weeks.
8. The new WAI photo will be posted every Friday at or around noon.
Have fun! Email me if you have any questions.

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11 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    Agana Boat Basin.

  2. Audi says:

    down south. dock at Merizo Pier.

  3. RichT says:

    Agana Post Office! 🙂

  4. brent says:

    merizo pier

  5. Christine Lalaine Johnson says:

    I think RichT has it right–the back of the Agana (nobody says Hagatna Post Office, do they?) Post Office, right where they load/unload the vehicles.

  6. Brian J Que says:

    I agree with Rich. Back of the post office. I see that sign all the time when I drop off my mail at those drive through slots.

  7. min says:

    i think merizo pier….

  8. Jennifer in Chicago says:

    You are so funny! Boy I hope we win the “cool” prize!
    What a clever game. You got my family talking and guessing tonight. Our vote is for Gab Gab beach. I could not find any pics of it on the internet. This is the closest I could find.
    Looking forward to the big “reveal” and round two. I think you are on to something.
    Maybe you can start a visual “You know you are from Guam if you know where this is.” Then you could have all the crazy pics of things only on guam. Like the fried parrot at Shirleys or the U turn OK sign in Hagatna. WHen I was there in 88 I took a picture of that. That was so funny to me. Maybe one of the Cool Spot.
    Thanks for the entertainment tonight.

  9. fabmimi says:

    my guess is….the pier at fish eye.

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