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Making Room For One More

“When we started swimming out in the waves I was thinking, These guys are hardcore.
I don’t consider myself a hardcore anything.
Nor would I use the word “extreme” to describe myself or any recreational activity I engage in. Especially not since the word “extreme” is used to describe practically anything now. Extreme racing? Fighting? Home decorating? Please. I brush my teeth every day with Extreme Herbal Mint. Extreme ain’t all that.
Adventurous is more like it. I like to think I’m an adventurous soul. I thrive on discovering and exploring people, places and things– basically all nouns. Good thing, too, otherwise I wouldn’t have a whole lot to talk about on this here website.
Today we took Michelle out to Rick’s for some snorkeling. It wasn’t her first time swimming in the ocean, but it was her first time to Rick’s. The waves weren’t big (no one was out surfing) but the water was far from smooth.
I’m always a little wary about taking a new person out in the water because safety is the number one priority in my mind. If I’m not sure what level of swimming a person is at and they asked me to take them out snorkeling, I’d take them to Ypao because it’s calm, it’s inside the reef, and if at any time that person becomes afraid they can just stand up. That’s where we took first-time snorkeler Julie way back when and now she’s a total pro, not afraid to jump off a boat halfway between Guam and Cocos Island. Roel told me someone asked him if he was ever afraid to swim out over the reef with me and Julie. “Nah,” he replied. “And I don’t have to worry about those girls.” I don’t worry either because out there we look out for each other constantly, we don’t stray far from one another, and none of us are dumb enough to venture out in the water in hazardous conditions.
At Rick’s I pointed out to the reef and told Michelle, “We just need to swim out over the reef and get past where the waves are breaking and it’ll be fine.” I saw a little hesitation in her expression but she came out with us and it was great. She did great.
So congratulations, Michelle. You’ve just been promoted to Hardcore.

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    lol Thanks, Josie! Those waves were intimidating but fun in a scary kinda way. 🙂 And I felt very safe with such good company, especially when I confirmed my assumption that Roel knew CPR and life-saving skills. Heheh.
    On second thought, who needs to go SCUBA diving when I can just go snorkeling with the “Hardcore”?

  2. mona says:

    Rick’s is the name of a strip club here in Seattle. If you went in there dressed in snorkeling gear, I would say that’s hardcore.

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