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Is People From Guam no more? I heard a rumor that the site shut down after it came out in the media that Mike Ulloa contacted his alleged victim via the site. I don’t know if that rumor is true, or why PFG would decide to shut the site down because of that. I sent an email to the creator of the site to get the answer for you, but it bounced back. So much for that monetary donation I made to help improve the site. They didn’t even say goodbye! Lame.
There’s always G2 People. Now you can leave messages for eachother and upload video (I haven’t tried it yet). I’m sure the number of registered users will increase now that PFG is gone. Maybe the G2 People people should contact the PFG people and take over their domain (peoplefromguam.com). Just a thought.
It’s a three-day weekend, and you know I live for three-day weekends. It’s also payday! I’ll be spending some time over the weekend working on this site. There are still some kinks to work out, for instance, the ‘Remember Me’ function in commments is not…functioning. I’m also still working at getting Typekey to work. I might have to revert to the standard Movable Type templates and start from scratch. This probably doesn’t interest you at all, but I just want to let you know about it because things may look a little funny while I play around with templates and stylesheets.
Anyway, weather permitting we’re planning to hike down to Inarajan Falls on Monday. A friend of ours went a couple of weekends ago and said it’s about an hour and a half to get down and the hike’s fairly easy. But seeing as my friend is currently in training to become a Navy SEAL, we’ll see what his definition of “fairly easy” is. I am jonesing for some picture taking after this week of sad weather!
I went to drop The Husband off at Boat Basin this morning and almost backed out of the parking lot (with him still in the car) when I saw how huge the surf was. Yesterday he surfed Umatac with our friend Gary while the big dogs surfed Boat Basin. I’m glad my husband knows his limits and would rather sit on the rocks and watch his buddies than go in when he’s not 100% confident and sure of his safety as opposed to some guys who are egged on by their egos and machismo. I’m glad, but still I worry.
Stay safe.

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4 Responses

  1. disneymike says:

    I understand completely about working on your Movable Type templates. I’ve spent many hours working on mine and I’m sure I will spend countless more in the future.
    Try not to be so perfectionistic about it like me and enjoy your hike and weekend. Oh, and I’m glad your husband is smart about surfing. That’s good to hear. 😀

  2. maricar says:

    Holy crap about that PFG thing. That totally is super scary. Hopefully it’s just a rumor. I need to check out what G2 People is. Hope all is well there Josie.

  3. Katie says:

    Poor PFG…I heard the same thing, that the AG shut them down to investigate the incident. It just seems so unfair though that PFG is somehow adversely affected by another person’s alleged bad decision and lack of good judgement or morals.
    G2People is OK but it seemed so cold and lifeless compared to PFG when I created my profile on it a year or so ago. Maybe because PFG had so many members, around 15,000 at the time compared to G2’s few hundred. I believe when PFG shut down they were at around 30,000 members.
    Hope they can bounce back from this.

  4. trench says:

    I prefer Myspace over G2. Huge local scene there and you can customize your page much more than G2. Im looking forward to Shahin and the relaunch of PFG.

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