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What recently came down the Netflix queue, with notes

Star Wars fans wait at wrong theater. “Yet Sprague was adamant the line wouldn’t be moving to the ArcLight.” What, are they waiting for George Lucas to come out and personally confirm they are at the wrong theater?
Speaking of movies, these are some I watched recently:
incrediblesShark Tale: Not bad, but it ain’t Pixar. I love every Pixar film I’ve seen to date.
Runaway Jury: Pretty good, but lacked some of the dynamic that I’ve come to expect from John Grisham films. I’ve yet to see a John Cusack movie I don’t like.
Troy: Overrated wannabe classic that, for the most part, was quite dull. Glad I didn’t pay good money to see it at the theatre. I can nap at home for free.
Brewster’s Millions: We’re on a Richard Pryor kick. Before this it was See No Evil, Hear No Evil and next up is The Toy. Methinks Richard Pryor is one of the funniest mofos on the planet.
Kill Bill Vol 2: I liked the rush that came with watching Vol. 1. It just wasn’t the same in Vol. 2. *yawn*

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2 Responses

  1. tom says:

    “i can nap at home for free.” lol. brad pitt didn’t do it for you then? yeah, me neither. your reviews are spot on…except for kill bill but i only liked it because of the hot chicks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kill Bill…it’s all about the dialogue.

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