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What Do You Need?

Go to Google. Type “(your name) needs” and hit enter. List your top ten needs here.
Josie needs…
Josie Needs Air!
Josie needs a pillow.
Josie needs to go to a new home with at least 1 other dog to play with to keep her occupied.
Josie needs a friend.
Josie needs $40 for a new sweater.
Josie needs Rhonda not Rana.
Josie needs your unbridled generosity.
Josie needs forever home/rescue!
Josie needs to take her mind off of her cheating ex. (ha!)
Josie Needs a Nap! (always)
Now you.

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11 Responses

  1. inna says:

    inna’s needs and budget (what budget?)
    inna needs invoice for membership
    inna needs help with her single night out (don’t tell brent)
    inna needs me to defend him
    inna needs a photo post (don’t nag…)
    inna needs to die alone (what?)
    inna needs a good man in her life (again, don’t tell brent)
    inna needs to clean up her desk again
    inna needs to watch her language (what the- )
    inna needs to up to sport (?)
    my comments are in ( )….pretty fun josie! enjoy your day…

  2. resuri says:

    Leslie needs to be dealt with (mwahahhahahah)
    Leslie needs people like you to do some meaningful work
    Leslie needs close relationships with people outside of her physical family
    Leslie needs to find a place in Paula’s life where she does in fact have commitment (paula be holding a sistah back…)
    Leslie needs to learn Spanish (so she can whisper sweet nothings to juju)
    Leslie needs more evidence before she gets her hopes up (wow, these are really cool)
    Leslie needs to complete thirty credit hours.
    Leslie needs her own residence (now to break the news to mother dear)
    Leslie needs to know from the Gelato community requirements for the port (anything involving gelato MUST be good)
    Leslie needs you to prance in one of those (academy uniforms again ;-))

  3. christine says:

    Christine needs only to cough or sneeze and she could have a brain hemorrhage.
    Christine needs something more than just fast sex and a roll in the hay.
    Christine needs parents who will be able to be patient, as she needs much repetition to develop.
    Christine needs to stop looking at clothes.
    Christine needs to know where her inventory is located at all times.
    Christine needs to go back and read some of her earlier books, and remember what made them great.
    Christine needs her own reality show.
    Christine needs to install XP.
    Christine needs to have kids, and shes trying to up the ante by using the internet to prove how smart and sexy she is to all the would-be sperm donors. (hello, my baby’s daddies)
    Christine needs a bone marrow transfusion to survive.

  4. Josie says:

    What do you need more than “fast sex and a roll in the hay”? LOL

  5. Angela/Lescentive says:

    this is too funny but here it goes..
    Angela needs help…
    Angela needs a family who will access and work with a therapist …
    angela needs a psychiatric evaluation…
    Angela needs to learn how to balance college and work…
    angela needs a change of scenery …
    Angela needs to constantly “feel” the presence of God …
    Angela needs prayers, Angela needs help, Angela needs coffee..

  6. Jon says:

    Jon needs …
    Jon needs a new name …
    Jon needs to change his classroom management practices…
    Jon needs a new shift key …
    Jon needs help …
    Jon needs to fire his attorney …
    Jon needs to learn that his actions can ultimately destroy the very cause he seeks to protect …
    Jon needs to answer some questions…
    Jon needs lots of support on the home front…
    Jon needs to produce more detailed proposals…
    Jon needs to take it up 20 more notches…

  7. Bob says:

    Bob Needs A Date
    Bob Needs To Scan For Fatties
    Bob Needs A Robot
    Bob Needs a Home
    Bob Planet, to fufill all of your Bob needs
    Crazy old Bob needs to go, say refugees
    Bob needs help stopping controls overlapping
    Bob Needs a Date
    Bob needs some assertiveness training because I think he brings all of this stuff on himself
    postscript: Bob needs to a new moniker!

  8. sabete says:

    1. Elizabeth needs to stick around, and be featured a bit more
    2. Elizabeth Needs Protection
    3. Elizabeth Needs To Be Used
    4. Elizabeth Needs To Get Naked In Film Real Soon
    5. Elizabeth needs a nuk
    6. Elizabeth Needs The Fashion Police!
    7. Elizabeth needs to be able to express her feelings to someone she trusts.
    8. Elizabeth needs our help to win the FHM Tournament of Beauties
    9. Elizabeth needs a miracle
    10. Elizabeth needs to feel two things about a manuscript in order to take it on

  9. Toni needs careful, daily monitoring and meticulous veterinary care.
    Toni needs to widen her circle of friends as well.
    Toni needs to do some growing up.
    Toni needs to do a Live Concert DVD which would potentially be a 5 star best seller.
    Toni needs a family that will be patient and nurturing …
    Toni needs to get off the computer and get her hearing tested!
    Toni needs to come back Girlfriends.
    Toni needs to prove he deserves to stay.
    I don’t like this game 🙁
    Toni needs help, and starts to treat the cuts on her arm.

  10. rhia says:

    hmm…i apparently don’t need much, except:
    rhia needs input from people from different perspectives, and even different organizations.
    *i had to goto page 5 just to find that.*

  11. Michelle says:

    Fellow bloggers! I see Liz, I see Toni: This must be where it’s at. K here goes:
    1. Michelle needs to go to the bank!
    2. Michelle needs to update her blog.
    3. Michelle needs to hang out with some peeps tomorrow.
    4. Michelle needs to call old friends in Japan.
    5. Michelle needs to stop thinking too much.
    6. Michelle needs to research hostels, hotels, train routes and schedules.
    7. Michelle needs to put clothes in the dryer.
    8. Michelle needs to fold the dry clothes.
    9. Michelle needs to clear and vacuum her cluttered bedroom.
    10. Michelle needs to stop blogging and get back to work!!! 😀

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