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6 Responses

  1. Eddie Chien says:

    1. rain drop on a tin roof (corny but true)
    2. cat purring vs hissing
    3. hearty laugh from a woman
    4. motorcycle humming at 110 mph on I5 on the way to SF
    5. kitchen printer printing a long @SS ticket ROR

  2. Arnold Lucero says:

    1. Sonic Boom of a jet going supersonic
    2. Harley Hog on the highway
    3. Mailman dropping of boxes at the front door
    4. Water on the creek bed on my walking trail
    5. Woodpecker on the trees outside my home

  3. Brother says:

    1. The sound of bacon frying
    2. a blow off valve when a turbo car drives by.
    3. Thunder
    4. My back popping
    5. Popping bubble wrap

  4. mimi says:

    1. baby giggling
    2. water receding from the shore
    3. crackling of a fire over a log
    4. “words with friends” chime
    5. breeze through the trees

  5. Ray Tenorio says:

    5. Two sticks hitting each other, like drumsticks or hard wood.
    4. The “Tock” when your tongue is forced from the roof of your mouth downward.
    3. My pet dog, Bunnie, as she starts to let me know she wants my attention by slowly moaning, almost as if to say “Ah, Daddy! Look at me.”
    2. The “Mmmmm” when you hug someone you love.
    1. My beautiful wife saying “I love you.”

  6. Dfakl says:

    purring of a engine
    a clocks tick
    a door shutting
    running tapwater
    a guitar

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