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We’re in

So tired, so tired. Most of our possessions are lying in heaps or in boxes scattered around the new house. The first night after the move, we set up the bed, threw some sheets on it and fell into it immediately, overwhelmed with exhaustion. But the hardest part of moving is over and now begins the simple joy of turning a house into a home. Like Frances in Under the Tuscan Sun, I’ve been taking my time getting to know the house, putting things away slowly and easily. The house is bigger than our old one and there are so many empty nooks and crannies. I really must temper my want to go out and buy a bunch of things to fill them with.
My father and brother visited a couple of days ago and we walked around the yard identifying all the flowers, plants and fruit trees that surround the house. We have: a star apple tree, a guava tree, 2 mango trees, 2 lemon trees, an orange tree, many pepper trees, a breadfruit tree, a betelnut tree, dozens of banana trees, a macadamia nut tree, a plumeria tree, an achote tree and many more flowers, trees and bushes I don’t know the names for. Dad ended up cutting down a ripe bunch of sweet bananas that would have gone to waste had he not been there to notice them. It’s so lovely to have a garden. Fresh flowers will be on the table regularly.
While the humans love the house, the animals are another story. Kitty walks around in a sort of daze, and lets out a soft quiet meow from time to time. When we let the dogs out they linger around the front door, unsure of where to run off to. Addison took Yoda for a ride back to the old house to pick up the last of our things and when he let Yoda out of the van, he took off running at break-neck speed down the street to check out all his usual haunts. I think they’ll be fine once they’ve established their territory. On Sunday morning I watched from the balcony as Yoda walked around the yard, stopping at all the trees to mark his territory. Half an hour later I watched one of the neighborhood dogs walk around the yard, sniff and mark all the trees Yoda marked. I can’t remember if that means the other dog has accepted Yoda’s claim or refutes it.
We don’t have a telephone line hooked up yet, so I am unable to check email at home which, admittedly, gives me the jitters sometimes. So silly.

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