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Vacation’s all I ever wanted

Things have been pretty busy with The In-laws staying over and us preparing for our trip to Australia next week. At work the pressure’s on because I need to make sure that all the print ads running the following week are squared away, just in case I hurt myself skydiving or whitewater rafting during my trip (I plan to do both) and I don’t make it back to work next Tuesday. So that means I’m moving in double-time. At this pace, come next week I will be so ready for vacation.
At home things are fantastic. And by fantastic I mean FANTASTIC! Every night when I get home the dishes are done, the mail’s on the counter, the garage has been swept clean and the cat is purring. I could TOTALLY get used to this. The In-Laws are the best! As if all they do weren’t enough already, they’ve also been doing all our grocery shopping at the Navy commissary. $1.50 for a box of Cocoa Puffs! Need I say more?
This weekend I am going to take it easy. The only plans I have are to finish watching the first season of Six Feet Under (a new favorite) and finish organizing the home office. I’ve probably got ten years’ worth of old bank statements and canceled checks to trash and who knows what else in the filing cabinet. Once again I am in the mood for some serious de-cluttering. I guess that’s why they call it ‘spring cleaning’?

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  1. brent says:

    hey, have a blast! the hardest part of vacation….? getting out the door!
    we like the series too. but we missed the last episode. so you may have to fill us in. 🙂

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