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Village to Village: Hagåtña

I started a “Village to Village” pet project where I take a picture of a village sign and drop a little knowledge about said village with some help from Guampedia.

Hagåtña [həˈɡɑtɲə]


Hagåtña is the capital of Guam and the current mayor is John A. Cruz. But you knew that, right?

“Hagåtña is derived from the word haga meaning blood. It is believed that this village came about due to the bloodlines of the families that established the village. Carbon dating indicates that the village was inhabited 2,630 years ago and possibly as long as 3,020 years ago. These dates indicate that Hagåtña was settled prior to the appearance of Latte.”

Some of my favorite things in Hagåtña include the Sirena statue, the gazebo at Plaza de España, Latte Stone park, boat basin, Hit Radio 100 and Cup and Saucer. 🙂

Read more about our island’s capital here: http://www.guampedia.com/hagatna/

Raise your hand if you’re from Hagåtña! I like your own village sign.

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