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Village to Village: HÃ¥gat

This is #2 in my V2V project where I post a picture of a village sign and some info about the village.

Agat (HÃ¥gat)


Agat! Why you gotta act so tough?

Just playing. Seriously, I didn’t mean anything by that. Please don’t jump me.

Agat is considered Guam’s Gateway to the South. The current mayor is Carol S. Tayama and she is the first woman elected as mayor of the village. You go, girl. I mean, Mayor.

“The village of Agat may have been named by the first clan who came to settle in the area from the northern part of Guam. It is also possible that the village name Hågat originally was derived from the word Aga, which is the Chamorro name of the Marianas Crow which is a large black bird that makes the sound “aga” while flying low over the jungle. The village’s name, too, could be derived from the Chamorro word håga, meaning blood.”

“It is believed that Chief Coroo headed the first clan of Agat. Beloved by his people, he was also the eldest in the clan. Chief Coroo divided the village into families, each with its own surname.”

“Pre-war Agat was a small village with a coast lined with coconut trees that produced copra (coconut meat). The village also supported farming, ranching, and fishing. Rice paddies existed on the coastal flats as well as the flat inland areas.”

Read more about Agat here: http://www.guampedia.com/agat-hagat/

Some of my favorite things in Agat are this super slick village sign, the Spanish bridge, my BBBS Little Sister, Jan-Z’s and the annual Mango Festival.

Raise your hand if you’re from Agat! We’re cool, right?

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