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Two still at large

One down, two to go. I feel a little better that one of three escaped convicts have been captured. I’ll feel a whole lot better when the escaped murderer is found.
I have to wonder, where do escaped convicts on Guam think they’re going when they jump the fence? And how long do they think they can hide? We’re on a small island…it’s not like you could get in your car and drive down to Mexico. I guess you could steal a boat from the marina and make your way to a heavily populated Asian country where you could disappear. That’s probably what I would do. How about you?
Speaking of escaped convicts, all of a sudden I feel like watching We’re No Angels.

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3 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    I have become a crazy person turning on every single light outside at night and locking even our security screen doors since I heard about those escaped convicts, mainly because of the time it’s taking to capture them and the fact that they really are very dangerous individuals. I want to know how THREE of them got out to the fence in the first place…We get the occasional lone escapee every so often, but THREE escapees is maddening.

  2. Josie says:

    You can imagine the madwoman I’ve been, living just around the way from the prison! As if that weren’t enough to be worried about, someone told me one of the escapees is from our village. My imagination has been running wild with worst-case scenarios.

  3. Lina says:

    I suppose those three convicts just wanted a little bit of fresh air.They got it!! At least that’ll be the talk for the day, and we’ll move on to another story! I’m glad that I wasn’t there in Guam, I’d be hibernating myself.LOL..

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