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Turning Japanese

We (myself, The Husband and maybe a few friends) are thinking of spending a few days in Japan in December. A couple of days in Tokyo for some Japanese pop culture shock and a couple of days in Nagano so we can freeze our butts off trying to ski and snowboard. By the way, the last time I touched snow I was twelve years old and I don’t remember how cold winter felt so I’m certain I’m in for a surprise!
Anyway, if you’ve visited Tokyo or Nagano, I’d like to hear your recommendations on reasonably priced places to stay as well as what to do and see. I’ve been checking it out online, and I’m a little dizzy from all the information. It’d be great to hear some personal recommendations in order to narrow the choices down.
Domo arigato!
(Mister Roboto!)

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6 Responses

  1. Audi says:

    I spent some time in Japan – living right outside of Tokyo, so I can suggest a few places.
    – You can check out Harajuku for perhaps some of the best pics of Japanese street style (Harajuku girls). Right outside of the train station on Sundays it’s usually swarming with people wearing outrageous outfits and funky hair-dos. There’s also Yoyogi park real close to that with people playing music, messing with fireworks, etc.
    – Another place is Shibuya. It is sometimes characterized as the Times Square of Tokyo. Night time is awesome because everything really lights up. Probably more of a night life place, but still great during the day. But if you care for the “real gaijin” night life – ask how to get to Roppongi. There’s a mix of foreigners and locals. Very fun, but a little wild. Depends how you want to spend your time.
    – Imperial Palace is also a thought
    – To get close to these places, it should take roughly 45 minutes on a train from Narita airport.
    Hope this gives you some ideas – I think you would enjoy them!
    Any questions, just ask. Have a good weekend!

  2. Josie says:

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, Audi! I definitely want to check out the Harajuku district and the Palace. I’ll probably have some questions for you later. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. vincenzo says:

    i pulled an all-nighter in roponggi(is that how you spell it?) district… it was a blast… the biggest thing i saw was that people were actually treating us good because we were trying to speak the language instead of using english, even though they knew that we were Americans… moral of the story, carry a japanese-english dictionary with you at all times—-even in the clubs 😀

  4. Munkey says:

    Cool I’m ganna start making my list of stuff you can get me. 🙂

  5. trench says:

    Man, I want to visit Japan again! Love it out there!

  6. ajeng says:

    ma god… it was really hard to search ’bout japanese…i always looking for their dress n was so hard…
    but…i love japan!!! i always love it…

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