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10 Responses

  1. EQ says:

    Beautiful shot! I’m “Mahalang” for a taste of home all over again!

  2. Beautiful shot. I like the way the wave bisects the picture between the water and the sand. The warm colours also add softness to it.

  3. Ri says:

    Love this shot.

  4. east3rd says:

    Beautiful work! That must have been a FAST shutter speed! Amazing how you completely stopped the motion.

  5. Inna says:

    great shot. new expensive camera paying off….

  6. Tilde says:

    Beautiful picture

  7. Ged says:

    Shot is good!
    It’s amazing…
    I’d never thought that I’ll see blog someone from Guam.

  8. Michelle says:

    wow, this is a great picture! the curling waves look like the fringed end of a dress.
    i wanna go to guam again! two more months … two more months …

  9. p_air says:

    that is f-k’n awesome …

  10. p_air says:

    that is f-k’n awesome …

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