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Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too

While this is nothing to compare to Katrina there in the mainland, Guam has been nothing but rain and gusty winds the past few days from a couple of tropical storms going through our area. Power was out in a few areas of the island (busted transformer) and two of our banana trees are down, but that is nothing, nothing in comparison to what has happened to the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. After hearing the news reports on NPR this morning, I am just really thankful I can go home at the end of the day. That I even have someplace to go.
Check out this Hurricane Katrina Flickr photoset.
And also this beautiful but chilling photo of Katrina’s eyewall.
Big Texas-style welcome for evacuees
The Interdictor is blogging from New Orleans.
Where to go to help
American Red Cross
Feed the Children
The Salvation Army

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3 Responses

  1. Annalynn says:

    Looks like I won’t be going back to school for awhile. I’m back in Memphis staying with some friends. Billy has been called to duty to help in the search and rescue efforts. Fortunately, our house is fine but we won’t have power for weeks, maybe months.
    Being from Guam, I was used to typhoons and having survived the Supertyphoon a few years ago, I thought I could handle anything. But it is tough when so many of my neighbors and friends have absolutely nothing left. Billy and I were lucky to have the resources to evacuate, many didn’t and now it is a dire situation for those left behind.
    Guam is lucky in so many ways because we are used to storms coming in and out of our lives and have learned how to ride it out. Then we clean up and move on. This situation has reminded me of how resilient Guamanians are.

  2. Josie says:

    We are so glad you guys are safe. We are constantly watching the news (along with the rest of the country) and it’s just sad and also unbelievable this has happened to NA.
    Were you able to evacuate your dogs?

  3. Annalynn says:

    Yea, we couldn’t leave without our babies.

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