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6 Responses

  1. Joe Tate says:

    Stateside Pigs = “Don’t Taze Me Bro, Don’t Taze Me”
    G.”Piggy” D = “Don’t ‘BLAM'”.
    Stateside SWAT = “We don’t want no women on our team, because we be tactical.”
    Guam SWAT = “Sit Wait And Think”

  2. Julie says:

    sigh. i am still so sad about all this- especially after reading all the comments. . .it’s like when i talked to ken’s brother about it. . .i am not saying that the cops did not have reason to shoot (seems like they may) or that it was not a justifiable shooting (it could have been). . .but i guess my question is, and it seems like yours is, what was responsible for creating those circumstances? and how can we fix those holes? and i guess i dont thing asking those questions necessarily implicates anyone. but i guess what i am saying is, what can everyone do so that next time if i have a relative on both sides of this incident, that i can warmly greet each of them later.

  3. Joe Tate says:

    The sad part is what the mother recounted – the police were taunting the guy through the door of his room in the house! He was in his room – with NO ONE ELSE IN IT. The house was evacuated, the cops maced the house, the doorway, and told the family to EXIT because of the mace/pepper spray! The guy was IN HIS ROOM WITH NO HOSTAGES! HE WASN’T COMING OUT! WHO THE F*CK was at risk? The victim? And from whom? Well, with the end result I will say – the same chowder heads that shot the guy down at the war cemetery in Piti!
    Guam’s Police Department is a JOKE! They graduate these adrenaline junkies out of GCC – that in itself says A LOT! Criminal Justice being taught at a community college does not qualify a person to be a cop by ANY means! Sorry to the very small minority of cops on Guam that are qualified to be at their posts. But in all fairness, this is just getting to be too F*cking ridiculous. These are the same dumbasses that went head to head with the NAVY Seals that were trying to assist AirForce AARF units sent to secure the crash site of that downed KAL flight during Carl’s administration. Anyone who was there will attest to the stupidity of that “Mexican stand-off” GPD claiming land rights on FEDERAL land. Julie works for the courts, if the local justice department can’t get a handle on these adrenaline junkies, then I say send in the FEDS! FBI, DEA, and the US Marshall’s office – US citizens and those living on island should not have to fear the people that are sworn to protect them. In addition, these same people should be held to a standard that is acceptable by United States Standards. Because living on Guam is starting to feel a lot like living in $#!t holes like Cambodia, where the local “uniform” determines the rule.

  4. Josie says:

    I think Mrs. Rekemesik said it best: “Not all of them are bad, but some of them are not well trained enough to handle this kind of situation.”
    With regards to GCC, I’m not sure if GPD officers are receiving training there. Former police chief Sgambelluri “notes one thing that has changed since his time leading the men in blue is the type of education they receive before heading out into the field. ‘I know one thing that’s changed, and I’m really sorry to see it change was that the Department took away the training of police officers from the Guam Community College.”
    It would be unfair to label the ENTIRE police force as being incompetent or “a joke” because of this. That just isn’t true.

  5. Joe Tate says:

    While I appreciate the fact that NOT all of the GPD staff and officers are incompetent. There is still the nagging issue of the “shoot first” incidents that are occurring. Statistically speaking, maybe someone needs to approach Dr. Wignall at UOG to do a study on how many incidents on Guam are dealt with in the same manner as this one – versus how many occur in a similar population on the mainland. Training is one thing that is needed. The excuses used on island are 1.) We don’t have the money and 2.) We don’t need it. Either way excuses are excuses and the “facts/numbers” don’t lie. How many times have the “chowder heads” in blue crossed the line. An airliner crashes on a military fuel line, and these “officer’s of the peace” go head to head with armed Navy SEALs. When I say they go head to head, I was standing at the fence line with GPD flat foots on one side with their hands ready to draw their nickle plated sissy pistols and armed-well trained sharp shooters on the other. All because Carl needed his day to get on camera – GPD at that point was thinking about WHO’s welfare? Peaceable negotiations/cooperation to save lives that were in the balance? How about the shooting victim at the Piti Cemetery? The kid down in the same area who went on a joy ride and crashed into a pretty deep ditch (car going no-where)? The case with the kid cannot be compared to the kid in LA who tried to run down a cop. Guam’s incident had the kid on the run, and the car had become immobile as a result of the crash. Guam’s finest opened up on the car with no regard for safety. The argument that your friend from Hawaii made regarding the machete is only valid if this latest victim was outside his home or room for that matter brandishing the weapon. Guam’s finest taunted him, even after the guy had locked himself in the room. Due process and SOP are not the same thing – and on Guam there doesn’t seem to be a “system”. The problem is a top down issue that is plagued with so many issues of incompetence from people being hired that shouldn’t – family members getting jobs when their psyche evals wouldn’t land them a job guarding a dumpster full of medical waste. Fear, Shock & Awe, and intimidation are what the Guam Police Department thrive on. The guys that opened up on this latest victim are probably some of the same guys I’ve served with in Iraq, who are more concerned with getting a taste of a fire fight than actually coming home. Sorry, Josie, this is an example of a sub-system that is indicative of the breakdown in professionalism and competence that the island is desperate need of. Comparison of GPD’s abilities, track record, and competence in law enforcement are a laughing joke to people in Federal Law Enforcement and those agencies in the contiguous United States. All of the citizens on the island (US and non-US) should not fear an agency that is supposed to PROTECT and DEFEND the people that pay their salaries. To the Police Chief…Better to have heard “Don’t taze me bro” than to be answering a civil rights violation brought in by the FEDs. But hey, no one really learns until an agency like FEMA pulls the funding because of unlawful local action, right? Remember all the fun that the legislature and the Governor’s office had to do right after OMAR and PAKA, when the Feds came-a-auditing.

  6. Joe Tate says:

    Case and Point…
    Can you imagine just how many case either go un-documented or worse yet un-reported because of fear of reprisal from these “cowboy-adrenaline junkies”. Again, the issue remains that these “chowder headed” goose stepping gestapo psychologically impaired individuals are on the “force” and not prosecuted. If they were, and the jail sentences matched the crimes against the public…examples make it very hard for future incidents from occurring. Especially if some of these “pigs” were thrown in DOC for a time.
    You taint the badge, you face the punishment. You don’t get a free pass to do it again. That is what you call ETHICS. Something that Guam is in serious lack of. There are so many parallels to this, and if Guam continues – several things are going to happen: This “build-up” of US Marines is going to become very tense between the local cops and very adrenaline pumped killing machines. Secondly, the strain that Carl’s administration brought between the military and local government will spill over beyond not having the military kids in the schools anymore. (That’s why DOE is suffering so much…no more extra FED/DOD dollars). Regardless, this whole situation is just plain the F*#K stupid. No one should have to live in fear, especially from a bunch of people who are seeking the thrill of combat, but are too chicken to sign on for FULL ACTIVE DUTY. Sorry GPD, you are a sorry ass excuse of an agency that uses the moniker “Law Enforcement”.

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