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Too much information

This morning I had the great pleasure of finally meeting someone who has been reading my ramblings for, I don’t know, five years now? Too bad he’s moving to Hawaii in four days. Dr. Que is someone I could totally hang and shoot the breeze with.
Anyway, we were talking about things I’ve written about on my site (past & present) and he asked me if I ever thought that maybe I was sharing too much. I told him I have dozens of entries I wrote but never published because I thought I was sharing too much. As for the little stories and details I do publish here, no, I don’t think I’m sharing too much. This is me, good and bad. Whether you think I’m lame or silly or witty or funny, this is who I am. I do my best to try to “keep it real” and I think I’m doing an ok job about it. I’d be a robot if I only wrote about the happy things and never shared when I was angry, frustrated or hurt. Sometimes I write for myself, sometimes I write for you, and sometimes I write because it is my hope that my feelings will be validated by just one reader so I’ll know I am not out of my mind. There are things I will probably never write about in detail such as work or anything I think might hurt or embarrass someone I love and care about. That would be sharing too much.
One of the best things about keeping a journal and being brave enough to get personal in it is that years later I can look back and see where I’m at. Have I matured emotionally, mentally, spiritually? (I believe so) Do I still like the same things? (yes and no) Have my values and priorities changed? (yes and no) Have I turned any dreams into reality? (yes!) I recently read through a bunch of entries from 2002 and I surprised myself over and over. It was a trip to see how different I am in some ways, and how in other ways I am still the same. If you keep a journal or weblog, I encourage you go through your old stuff when you get a chance. You might learn some neat things about yourself.
Anyway, about sharing too much. If I told you that I’ve been eating Frosted Mini-Wheats this whole week for breakfast and I’ve been experiencing the joy of having fiber in my diet and being “regular”, would that be sharing too much? Yes, probably.

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4 Responses

  1. Toni says:

    You met DrQ? I’m so jealous.. lol.. I used to chat with him on GuamChat, back in the day… way back in 1998 or so.. and I STILL have yet to meet him. Haha.. this internet thing still awes me.

  2. Brian Que says:

    It was so awesome finally meeting you Josie, you are definitely just like you are in this blog.
    I’ve always thought to ask that question to people with internet blogs mainly because I wonder how far I’d go when posting up personal information about myself on the net. You can imagine parents and patients alike reading my PFG.com or frienster profile, and me wondering “Uhm, they must think their kids’ doctor is a dork now.”
    You seem to have found that fine line between telling enough about yourself to seem real and holding back enough to prevent yourself from being an internet “Truman Show.” And thus the question was asked… which you have answered quite well. Hey make sure you check me if you head out to Hawaii.
    Former barista, sugarcat, and now laitude13 reader.
    PS. Toni, get assigned at Hickam within the next three years and we can chill sometime.

  3. brent says:

    i’ve been asked the same question. mostly a friend was concerned i was putting up too much information about my daughters, and some wacko would use that to his advantage.
    well that was a scary thought. so i tend to be cautious in what information i share. but in the bigger picture, there has been so much benefit from the experience for my whole family, a number of my friends, and even a few strangers looking for help, that i don’t doubt i’m doing the right thing.
    i don’t want to live in fear. so i won’t. i might step carefully, but that’s as much as i will give away.
    as for you, “my new best friend”, i totally enjoy your work. i love your photos (even bought your calendar that one year), and enjoy following you in your adventures. but i have an advantage, i met you before your weblog.
    but for my wonderful wife, she’s never met you in person. but from only what you’ve written (ok, and maybe a little influence from me) she thinks you rock. in fact, next time we visit, i’m going to have to introduce the two of you. 🙂
    my two cents? you’re doing great. i don’t ever recall reading anything and being concerned you went too far. that’s really not your way. you are a terrific person (that i already knew), so this is a rather special gift to the world. thank you.

  4. Josie says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not overdoing it. See, this is what I was talking about when I said sometimes I just want validation. haha.
    Brian, I cannot BELIEVE you remember the “Don’t bother the barista” design! Wow.

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