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The weekend looks promising

Today is a fantastic day for several reasons.
052705.jpg – It’s Friday.
– It’s payday.
– Payroll was distributed early.
– It’s the start of a 3-day weekend.
– Two of my designs were approved WITH NO CHANGES. It’s a miracle!
– Still glowing from last night’s season finale of C.S.I.
– I have a hair appointment and a massage booked tomorrow. I’m thinking of going for broke and booking a pedicure.
– Our electric bill is only $50 this month! FIFTY DOLLARS!
I hope you are also having a fantastic day.

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3 Responses

  1. Brian Que says:

    Fifty dollars? You use no AC whatsoever, huh?

  2. Josie says:

    Not recently. We’ve been getting a great breeze at our house, and the nights are really cold as a result. I turn the AC on during the day on the weekends. This is the lowest the power bill has ever been…it usually averages around $90.

  3. brent says:

    mmm… enjoy that feeling that all is right…. 🙂

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