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The Joy of BlackBerry (BB)

josiemoyer: File sent: IMG01389.jpg.
josiemoyer: I’m really glad ITC management put these signs up today
josiemoyer: Really helps me to remember
j e s s i c a: Proof u bb on the john!
j e s s i c a: Lmao
josiemoyer: Hahahahaha!
josiemoyer: Dude I BB everywhere!
j e s s i c a: Bbmao
j e s s i c a: Bb my ass off
josiemoyer: I BB when I PP
josiemoyer: That’s the name of my next single
josiemoyer: “dropping” next month
j e s s i c a: I’m dying laughing in traffic
j e s s i c a: BB when u PP Release party
josiemoyer: BBMAO is the name of my album
j e s s i c a: Hahahahaha
j e s s i c a: Self titled!
josiemoyer: It’s gonna whiz up the charts!!!!!!!
josiemoyer: Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!
j e s s i c a: Lmao hahahahahahahhahhahhaa
j e s s i c a: I just got chillllllllls
josiemoyer: omg
josiemoyer: Don’t crash your car
josiemoyer: Mike says I can “stream” it over the internet
josiemoyer: Hahahahaha
j e s s i c a: Hahahahahahahaha
j e s s i c a: Stream!!
josiemoyer: He says it’ll be GOLD
josiemoyer: Hahahahahaha I’m dying here!
j e s s i c a: Lmao
j e s s i c a: Omg I think I just peed my pants a little
josiemoyer: bbmao!!!! lolololol

I should mention I was actually chatting with three other people at the same time: Mike, Julie and Mindi. Not long after I sent Julie the photo, she countered with a picture from the bathroom at her office:
Who says attorneys aren’t funny?
And almost as soon as I received Julie’s picture, Mindi sent one from her bathroom at work:
I loved the picture she sent right after:
Jessica doesn’t have a sign inside her bathroom at work, but this is posted outside:
“Spits Spread Disease?” omgwtf?
Obviously, Jessica works for a real classy establishment. lololol
I love my BlackBerry. I can’t remember my life before it. It probably wasn’t as much fun.

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3 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Hey!! Im trying to get in touch with Norman Taruc. Im an old roomate of his and highschool friend in Augusta, Ga. Could you please get him to e-mail me. Lots of friends here ask about him all the time. He`s a hell of a guy!!!!

  2. Christine Lalaine says:

    Some years ago, there was a caution sign in the ladies’ restroom at UOG. Apparently, one of the stall doors came off and fell on someone’s foot. I still have a picture of it somewhere, I’m sure.

  3. rome says:


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