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4 Responses

  1. Les says:

    love the blend… yep 500.00 down a blender… the nerve… so who has one? did u want an iphone.. i heard guamcell will be carrying it soon.
    the i’m so glad i didn’t kill myself clip is hilarious…

  2. trench says:

    YOu should try entering the contest for a FREE Iphone. I did on my site. All you have to do it blog about it.
    Takes a couple minutes to do… 😉 I’ll use it as a IPOD if I win. I dont think we have Iphone carrier here on island yet.

  3. toni says:

    I can’t bring myself to watch the blender video. It’ll be like watching him blend my fish… or perhaps my hand. Just can’t do it.

  4. vanilla ice says:

    the iphone is a gsm based phone meaning only gta, ite, or hafatel(dokomo) will support it. apple makes their cell phone companies sign profit sharing contracts, so if you really want one,you have to buy it from att in the states. i fully expect that a year from now, the iphone will be avaliable in all flavors.
    that being said,the iphone is a moderatly good phone, but the nokia n95 leaves it in the dust. my 3 year old phone does 98% of what the iphone does… good job apple marketing team.

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