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The Hood

So is it confirmation that you live in the ghetto when you hear a lot of yelling, then a gunshot, and then sirens ten minutes later?
[Update] A neighbor’s wood & tin house extension caught fire. The sirens were those of the fire department. The ‘gunshot’ was something exploding in the fire; Dad thinks it was an lp gas tank.

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5 Responses

  1. Brother says:

    The house with all the dogs?

  2. Michelle says:

    Hahah I live in the ghetto too. Sometimes I hear the drunken quarrel of neighbors or sirens or police telling ppl to pull over with their megaphone. I also hear gunshots every now and then but rarely.

  3. vanilla ice says:

    try living in hemlani apts in harmon
    – “Where Good Living can be Bought”
    those are projects if i ever knew projects….
    but don’t leave your babies out!
    maybe it’s the concrete dust or just the cheap paint mr. hemlani ships in from inda, but everyone there seems to be on something.

  4. Ang! says:

    wow.. was anyone hurt.. i am soo late on the news.. i’m surprised my friend there didn’t mention anything.. since i’ve been in your area alot lately.. i’ll drop some flowers off… lol…

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