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The Faces of Elijah

If these pictures of sweet baby Elijah don’t make you smile even just a little bit, then you, my friend, are dead inside.
I babysat a real live baby for some friends last night. Babies like Elijah are my kind of babies. He didn’t cry, he didn’t produce a poopy diaper, and when I put him down to grab something from the fridge, he stayed put. Granted, he’s only five months old and can’t crawl or roll over within fifteen minutes, but like I said, that’s my kind of baby. Plus he laughed a lot. He laughed at all my knock-knock jokes, he laughed when I stubbed my toe on the coffee table, and he laughed at my Biz Markie singalong. “Oh baby, yoouuuu! You got what I neeeeed….”
It’s rare that babies make an appearance at Chez Moyer. The pets didn’t know what to make of the small hairless mammal I was cuddling and cooing in my arms. They all huddled together outside and stared at the baby through the screen door the whole time. Like they were coming up with their game plan on how they were going to vote the new guy off the island.

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9 Responses

  1. vincenzo says:

    hahahaha….vote him off the island..i can see your cats being into that thing.

  2. Brian J Que says:

    Pretty fun experience, huh? That’s why I got into pediatrics.

  3. Brother says:

    Whoa! That is one cute baby. I hope you kept regan away.

  4. Josie says:

    Vince, I should have taken a picture of the animals scheming outside the front door!
    Brian, I’m sure you get your share of wailing babies. I don’t think I could handle that all day. A couple hours of happy baby is all I need from time to time. 🙂
    Al, didn’t I tell you? Cutest baby, ever.
    Regan sniffed the baby’s foot and tried to pull his sock off with his teeth (you know how he has a thing for socks). At least he was gentle. I put him outside after that. lol

  5. rhia says:

    gah…he’s adorable. hmm…are we already feelin like the bio-clock is ticking? haha.
    i bet your pets didn’t like the fact that they were put out of the house. :]

  6. Josie says:

    Haha! Sometimes I do feel a little of the bio-clock, and that’s why it is so nice and handy to be able to “borrow” from friends until the feeling passes. It usually goes away right around the time the kid starts wailing or breaks something valuable. lol

  7. trench says:

    He’s adorable. No fair showing this to my wife. She’ll really get mad that we dont have kids yet.

  8. Brother says:

    You should send pictures to Gerber.

  9. Joie says:

    He’s a cutie!

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