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The Downfalls of Living on a Small Island AND putting a Sticker on Your Vehicle

“What were you doing behind Ocean Jet Club at 10:30 last night?”
“What are you talking about? I wasn’t at Ocean Jet Club last night.”
“Whatever. I saw your car there. Parked in the dark.
“Am I the only person on island who has a red Suzuki?”
“No, but it had an Apple sticker on the back window. Come on. You can tell me. What were you doing there?”
“I swear! I was not. at. Ocean Jet club last night! I was at The Trench until 11:30!”

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1 Response

  1. les says:

    too damn funny… u need to add another sticker that everyone has… got me giggling…
    i’m sure it wasn’t you and whomever accused you of being there, was just being delusional… I know there is a jeep similar to yours that’s there but i think the person works there… too funny…

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