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The commercial madness has begun

Taking the week off before Christmas and leaving the country for a good part of that week might turn out to be the smartest decision I’ll have made all year. Thanksgiving hasn’t even come and gone yet, but stores and radio stations are already blasting Christmas tunes and Christmas ads are appearing in the paper and on tv. I’m certainly going to be glad to be away from Christmas shopping traffic and crowds while I’m on vacation. Crowds of people are the main reason I do all my holiday and general gift shopping online. You can find really cool stuff online and no one’s around to jostle or hassle you.
For example, I think this Survival Kit In a Sardine Can would make a cool stocking stuffer. The makers ought to include a plastic storage baggie in the can to use to hold all the stuff after the can is opened. I’m really curious to know how they got duct tape to fit in a sardine tin.
Of course, I can’t think of anything cooler than being a recipient of Oprah’s Favorite Things but that’s just for heroes and lucky audience members. Phooey.

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