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The Capital and beyond

Survivor Palau (and moving closer to Guam)
Island folks might find it interesting to know that the next season of the reality tv series Survivor was filmed in Palau and may air on CBS as early as February (check out this map). Awesome! So close to Guam! That makes my idea about Survivor Cocos Island not seem so far fetched now. Or how about Survivor Tinian? Contestants can gamble at the Tinian Dynasty Casino for matches and pillows and work on the Amelia Earhart dig sites for food.
Here’s a map of the Pacific islands in case you’re not familiar with the area. Palau is just southwest of Guam and north of Indonesia.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Always a funny girl like I remember back when…
    I can see it now: Survivor contestant steps on Stonefish, gets infected, bites other contestants, everyone gets sick, show gets postponed, Jeff gets a vacation, and gets to wear REAL clothes.

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