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The Art of Art

Let’s Make Art was a great success. I had never before been in the company of so many talented artists at the same time. It was really great to meet them and chat it up. I loved the vibe going around the room and I was very happy for and proud of everyone who brought something to the exhibit. The experience reminded me that before it became a career, art was what I did because I just needed to do it. I am always amazed that I get paid good money to do what I love. I hope you are doing what you love because it is the best.
One of the nicest things about the art show actually had nothing to do with art or the show. It was meeting Patti and her family. I “met” Patti through the blogosphere and I’d even spoken with her very briefly on the phone when I did that radio thing a while back. It’s always great to meet someone I’ve “known” through my website in real life. The more people I meet in real life that I would normally only associate with via L13, the less weird and scary the experience becomes. It also helps that I haven’t met any creeps or psychos. It’s all been good so far. 🙂
So congratulations to my buddy Joshua for putting on a great show. He had a good idea and followed through, and it was great. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the show. I met a lot of very cool people and look forward to the next chance to mingle!

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  1. Patti says:

    Glad you didn’t think I was a psycho ~ John was afraid you might think I was a stalker 😉 Again, it was nice to meet you.

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