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Taguan (Part 1)

Its official name is Taguan, but a lot of locals know it as 1000 Steps or “that place on the backroad (to Andersen) with the stairs.”
Despite the local name, Dave’s guidebook says there are actually only 256 steps. I started counting on the way down in order to confirm the number, but sometime after the 70th step I got distracted and lost count. So we’ll just take Dave’s word for it. The trail does not consist of one long staircase (as I imagined it to be) but several flights of stairs with trail connecting each. It’s weird, descending a staircase in the jungle. According to The Book:
“The trail has been provided by the Mangilao Golf Course as public shoreline access, required by Public Law 19-5.”
This is the one hike where I didn’t fulfill my mission and went home feeling like I’d lost a game. I had some work to do earlier in the day that ran a little late, and it caused us to start an hour later than we planned. Then, when we reached the bottom there was a lot of time spent looking for the access point to climb down from the rocks to the reef flat in order to get to Taguan cave. We didn’t find it. We were losing light and eventually decided to turn around and go home. It was on the way back that we stumbled (literally) onto the trail to the reef flat. Doh!

Photo by Roel Santiago
So the gameplan is to go back this coming Saturday and finish what we started.
More Taguan photos at Flickr. (Sorry, bad link earlier…fixed now)
To be continued…

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Josie!
    Hiking was fun. It’s OK that we didn’t finish last week: Leaves us room for more good times. 🙂
    Hopefully, this time, I won’t nearly fall on my arse so much. I promise to wear real shoes!

  2. rhia says:

    I was looking at the photos before reading these comments, and I did notice your zorries. I wondered if you had a difficult time hiking in them. I haven’t been to 1000 Steps, but I have hiked Sigua, and I recommend shoes, with a lot of grip to them. :]

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