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All the Guams, Vol. I

Over the years I’ve kept a running list of movies and television shows that have mentioned Guam. Here is a video compilation of that list.


The Woman Who Got Everything She Asked For

I met Ty Espinosa while visiting fruit stands in the south for a story. I ended up having a long, delightful conversation with her about her life and I left feeling lighter and more...


The Executive Treatment

Have you ever thought about going to Manila for an executive checkup? Because I wrote this story about how easy and affordable it is to set one up. At St. Luke’s Medical Center Global...


Dad! I’m in the NY Times!

I wrote a story for The New York Times. You can read it here. I also contributed to a separate story for The New York Times. You can read that story here. Unreal!


How the Guam Westin Became the Guam Westin

The Westin Resort Guam celebrated its 20th Anniversary last month. I wrote some stuff for their PDN anniversary supplement but my favorite part – the story of how the Guam Westin became the Guam...


Guam’s Greens and Fairways

With seven public golf courses across the island, one could say Guam is the golf capital of Micronesia. There’s a reason our tourists often arrive with their clubs in tow: Year-round summer weather means...


How to Make Friends with Guam Locals

Someone in the Guam subReddit asked why was it so hard for someone new to the island to make friends with locals and it got me thinking. Advice for Guam newbies usually includes make...


Duk Duk (Hermit Crab)

Not surprisingly, you don’t see a lot of duk duk in Tumon anymore. Maybe that’s why I follow them around whenever I see them on other beaches. This guy is one of the biggest...


GÃ¥dao’s Cave

I feel it’s irresponsible and disrespectful for Guam guides (websites) to tell people to jump over a chain that is clearly marked “Private Property” in order to get to GÃ¥dao’s Cave. I revisited the...


24-Hour Restaurants in Guam

A list for when the night runs long and the sushi joints are closed. Linda’s People talk about the bacon fried rice, onion steak and pepper steak… I love them all. My go-to is...