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Storm’s a-comin’

It would be the best April Fool’s joke ever, but sadly, it’s no joke. A typhoon is steadily making its way to the Marianas Islands.

Right now Brother, who is on spring break, is putting up the shutters at my house. This morning before I left for work I filled one large trash container with water outside. That will really come in handy for flushing toilets in case we lose water during or after the storm. On my way to work I stopped and filled up the gas tank. So, other than picking up a few things from the grocery store, I’m pretty much set to ride out what I hope will be no more than a banana storm. Be smart & safe everyone.
Tropical Storm Kong-Rey’s predicted path
What to do at the different Conditions of Readiness (COR)
There was a tsunami watch in effect but it’s been cancelled
If you have business to do on the Navy base, do it before 6pm
More satellite images from NOAA
Joint Typhoon Warning Center

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3 Responses

  1. vincenzo says:

    be safe J, and don’t forget the ration of spam in the cupboard…

  2. maricar says:

    Praying for ya’ll. Just talked to my dad. Make sure your car’s gas tank and rice dispenser is filled to the brim.

  3. cristina says:

    I saw that on the news yesterday and thought of you. Stay safe, God bless

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