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Stay The Course

From Joy, Jessica’s mother:
“Jess has made dramatic improvements but we must still remain guarded. I want you to know that Jilette informed me of the MV article. I am sure you and all of Jessica’s friends are very upset about it. The article was harsh and did not take into account the other side of Jess that we all know. How loving and caring she is, how she is a wonderful mother to Mason, how she takes her job seriously at ST, and I just could go on and on.
What matters is what we know about Jess. I just want you to know that you all have organized her fundraiser with great care taking the sensitivity of alcohol into great consideration. Colors Red is the appropriate venue because everyone there truly cares for Jess. Please tell everyone to ignore the article and comments and stay the course. You all are wonderful people and I am so touched by all of you.”

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  1. Les says:

    well it is an actual news report.. i am not quite satisfied with the outcome but it will suffice, Jessica’s recovery is what is the most important in the end.. MV just left a very sour taste in my mind and it will be hard to move on from that right now..

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