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Somewhere there’s a support group for this

I was recently introduced to a network admin/programming guy. When the topic of wireless networks came up, I mentioned that we had a very small wireless network at home.
“At home?” he asked. “Do you really use your broadband connection that much?”
“Oh yes. I spend a few hours online most weeknights. That’s not counting the weekends or the time I spend online at work during the day.”
“Really? What do you do online?”
And then I shut my mouth. Did I really want to admit to this stranger that I spend copious amounts of time online reading about other people’s lives through their personal weblogs and following link after link? I didn’t. In retrospect I should’ve used Bre’s answer by saying “research” or even “I take classes online” but I was caught off-guard and blurted, “I download a lot of stuff.”
Real smooth. I’m pretty sure he thinks I download a lot of PORN because he didn’t pursue the conversation after that. Oddly enough, that doesn’t embarrass me as much as the thought of having him know I read weblogs all day long does.

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