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7 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    If nothing else, you should remember these antics come election time and use your vote to help ensure none of them are around next year.

  2. Motoko says:

    Josie, I keep up with your blog because it reminds me of the beauty that I left behind. However, it is stuff like this that just makes existing on the island an exercise in “pre-pubescent stupidity.” I say this because it is like a good ol’ fashion Guam “high school rumble” (talk about living in the 80s). But in all seriousness, my description sounds stupid, yet it is exactly that. People on both sides of that legislative carpet have forgotten that they are “elected officials” that are “PUBLIC SERVANTS”. They are supposed to serve the greater good of the PUBLIC, not the “local aristocracy” or themselves and their families. I voiced it before on your topic regarding the US military and the snake comments – Guam is repeatedly put on the back of the bus because of stupid things like this. In addition to the fact that some of those politicians that are a part of and were present for this little “coup” were either politicians or GovGuam employees that were serving when FEMA SLAMMED them with violations regarding abuse of funds. The same funds that were received for disaster assistance for the PUBLIC, that were supposed to have gone to victims of Typhoon Omar. I mean, seriously, how does the same scumbag get elected? It’s a two part equation – public ignorance(and acceptance of that ignorance) and the unwillingness to change. Which is why people have posted such lousy things about Guam on so many sites that “advertise” travel or rate places to live. Guam will forever be that “other” place on the map, because the people settle for a majority of politicians who do what is best for themselves and their supporters. And those supporters attain their managerial positions because they will do whatever it takes to survive. That also includes, screwing over their fellow islanders. Guam is at a breaking point, where “recovery” will become just as extinct as pre-historic animals did. It’s sad, but true. If you do plan on running or if those reading this have a desire to…remember the only that matters is that YOU SERVE THE PEOPLE OF GUAM, not the other way around. It is with sincerest wishes – the best of luck to everyone still enduring “life” on the island…

  3. Raquel says:

    When I saw this article, it infuriated me so. Plain embarrassing.

  4. Christine Lalaine says:

    Outrageous. Now that the democrats have a majority of 8-7, why not strip the republicans of their titles as senators and pretend that they no longer exist? That’s how the dems are operating. I’ve lost respect for some of the democratic senators named in the article–some of whom I used to think of highly.
    I like the three close-up shots of the politicians towards the bottom of the page…
    Ray Tenorio: All the stress over this issue has given me some serious constipation.
    Judith Won Pat: Well, I just saw an opportunity for power and grabbed at it. Isn’t that how they do things around here?
    Felix Camacho: Don’t look at me, *I* don’t know what to do about all this… What made you think I’d have some answers?

  5. Annalynn says:

    Josie – has Latitude13 turned into a political blog?

  6. Jesse says:

    This was so sad. Kuam had a video of it. It wouldn’t have shocked me to hear some one to say, “I know you are but what am I?”

  7. Lescentive says:

    i read about it, i saw it on the news, this has been discussed with various friends of mine in the political scene. Why is it so amazing it happened is the question on my mind. Lot of people saw it coming, i just didn’t expect it from wonpat honestly, the other guys, yeah definitely.. but not wonpat.. everyone is extremely disappointed on what the Demo’s have done.. what to do? what can be done now? nothing.. they will keep up their antics until election time.. hopefully people will remember this.. but i won’t hold my breath..

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