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Some things I grew up with

Yesterday I went to the snackbar downstairs in order to appease my semi-annual craving for a hot dog. The woman behind the counter asked, “Will that be with a bun or with rice?” I blinked. That’s one you don’t hear everyday. As I walked away with my hot dog on a bun, I thought to myself, “You know, I haven’t had a hot dog with rice since 1987!” And for a second I was actually tempted to go back and change my order.
Retro Deco So how many of you grew up in a home that had a wooden spoon and fork hanging on the wall? I’ve always meant to ask my mother what was up with the giant wooden spoon and fork. If you grew up with the decorative spoon and fork, chances are you probably had a Last Supper painting on the wall as well. Oh, the memories.
“At the Last Supper, why didn’t anyone sit on the other side of the table?”

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