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So This Is Luxury

072605 I indulge in receiving one-hour massages from time to time. I get a massage about as often as I get a pedicure which isn’t very often but if I could afford it, believe me those luxuries would be daily rituals.
A friend of mine recently restarted her home massage service, so I made an appointment with her because I want to be a supportive friend and also because I’m long overdue for some relaxation. She came over at 7:00 in the evening and set up her table upstairs in the dressing room. I thought it might feel awkward being at home surrounded by my things instead of a typical “spa” setting, but a few candles and the scent of coconut oil transformed the room into a spa. My friend and I chatted the whole time and it was so nice to catch up while getting a massage…you know, killing two birds with one stone. We were finished by 8:30, and let me tell you I am never going back to the spa again. Instead of getting dressed and driving myself home from the spa it was just wonderful to see my friend to the door and then go upstairs, get in bed and eat some of the peanut butter cookies The Husband baked (he bakes!) while I was upstairs getting my massage. This is the life!

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