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Swimming with sharks

(Click all images to enlarge)
You will never guess what I did this afternoon.
I snorkeled in Tumon with some friends near the Hilton and saw a lot of pretty fish and coral.

I saw a plethora of sea urchins in every size. I even saw a big fat eel and a pretty big clam.

You’re all, Yeah? So what? You’ve gone snorkeling before. Old news.
But this time was different. This time we swam over and beyond the reef and for the first time in my life I saw a Blacktip Reef Shark in its natural habitat. Two of them, even.

Photo by Addison
Holy cow.
Thank God I had the presence of mind to pass the camera to Addison to take a picture because I was frozen in awe and couldn’t do anything but float and stare until the sharks swam away.
It was amazing.

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9 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    so cool!

  2. disneymike says:

    These snorkeling pictures are awesome, Josie! And congrats to Addison for having the presence of mind to catch the Black Tip Reef Shark. Were these taken with your new underwater housing for the Sony?

  3. Josie says:

    Yes, they were! I couldn’t be more pleased with the underwater housing kit. It is so wonderful to finally be able to take nice underwater shots. 😀 Maybe next time I’ll keep my cool long enough to get a few shark pictures. lol

  4. Rhia says:

    wow, sharks. i would’ve frozen too. but amazing shot. which ones were much more dangerous? the white or black tipped ones?

  5. Yowza. It’s always a little spoooooky to see those guys “at home” as it were. Cool though! Nice picture by Addison 🙂

  6. tom says:

    youve got bigger stones than i do girl and thats saying something because i thought mine were pretty big.

  7. trench says:

    How far down the reef were you? Looks like about a footlong white tip reef shark. I’ve seen 4 footers off Marine Lab.

  8. Josie says:

    We weren’t too far out from the reef. It’s hard to tell in the photo because there isn’t anything to scale it against, but the sharks were 4-5 feet.

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