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  1. Haji says:

    I’m not sure I agree…
    I saw this post 6 days ago, and thought about it, and checking back today, perhaps there are a lot of other folks thinking about it, while-‘a-Christmas-shopping, as there are no comments to date…
    “Those who go back to their roots and do one thing well,
    will replace the heroic multi-tasker.”
    Go back to your roots and do one thing well: could this mean go back to your foundation, for example, knowing how to take photos…and go and shoot off a roll of film (yeah, FILM), and come back with 37 and a half AWESOME negatives?
    Go and visit family, and be there for them…?
    Center one’s self, and meditate….?
    Those all would be a day well spent….but it is the 2nd part of the quote that I don’t get… Paraphrased, it seems to mean that the one who goes back to the basics will be superior to those who “do everything, and get it all done, in the knick of time, to save the reputation of all parties involved.”
    Not too sure I agree with “getty” here.
    But then, I’m not sure what sort of week you’ve been havin’
    I hope you’re well. I’ll send you good vibes from the recording studio: Korean Christmas Carol CD recording/editing project (which was due yesterday).

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