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Sigua Falls

I was invited to hike down to Sigua Falls with Leevin, Julie and John yesterday and I went along because it turns out I’m a glutton for punishment. Here’s my take on the hike, written in the form of an acrostic for FALLS. I’d’ve done SIGUA but all I could come up with was:
A lot!
By ‘It’ I mean the trail. Here’s FALLS:
F – Freaking Hot
We started out at 8:30 and for a while it was great because there was plenty of cloud cover. But then the sun began to dry up everything including the nice cloud cover and soon it was just full sun. I really think the heat is what made this hike difficult for me. There is absolutely no shade on the trail (well, a small tree here and there) until the very last part when you descend to the falls. There’s no doubt in my mind now that God was with the Israelites as they wandered the desert. I was melting out there after just an hour. I can’t imagine 40 freaking years.
A – Anti-Climactic
“Hey. Look at that. It’s a waterfall.”
I must’ve built Sigua up to be something else in my mind, or maybe two hours of wandering around in the unforgiving sun turned my brain into a raisin because Sigua Falls didn’t blow me away the way I fully expected it to. Sigua is beautiful for sure, but it is my opinion that Tarzan Falls is prettier than Sigua and a lot more interesting. However, I’m willing to give Sigua another chance and maybe go back during the rainy season and see it in all its glory.
L – Left
Stick to the left of the trail. That is, unless you want to go the long, hard, hot, scenic route that meanders through the Tank Farm and almost doubles the length of time it takes to get to Sigua via the shorter trail. If that’s the route you prefer to take, then by all means ask Leevin for directions to the ‘historical trail’ aka The Death March.
L – Liquids
Bring plenty, more than you normally would, because the scorching sun will dry you out in no time at all. Half an hour from the home stretch I was all out of water and drinking the rest of Leevin’s. He obliged, being the nice guy that he is. Or maybe he just felt bad about getting us lost, I mean, taking us on the ‘historical trail’.
S – Superdog 207
One of the dogs (dubbed 207 from his id tag) that lives up there by Channel 10 followed us, and in some instances, led us on the trail to Sigua. When we got to the bottom he disappeared and we thought he had split and gone home. But just as we began packing up to move out, he appeared again as if to lead us home. I love that dog. I thought about stealing him, but then changed my mind. I’m gonna need him there for the next time. And when that time comes, I’m bringing a bag of beef jerky with his name on it.
Watch Leevin take the plunge:
Elsewhere: Leevin’s story and photos.
Thank you Leevin, Julie and John.
Hey, maybe when I’m able to move my legs again we can do it again sometime.

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12 Responses

  1. Next time head up from Leo Palace. It’s way shorter and not that death march from Hell back up to Channel 10.

  2. brent says:

    lol, oh yes, i remember that hike. we did the same thing. but we played, and explored, and goofed a bit. so by the time we got to the top of the hole, the sun was already setting. we chose to not go down.
    but my friend’s girlfriend was pretty mad at us. we pretty much took her too far. whoops. 🙂

  3. tom says:

    josie i’m happy you boonie stomp so that i don’t have to.

  4. Josie says:

    I think I should turn that into a t-shirt or bumper sticker:
    Latitude13: We boonie stomp so that you don’t have to.

  5. bert says:

    last time i’d gone to Sigua was back in the college days.
    my friends came by my house at 7am, dragged me out of bed and into the truck. when i woke up we were at payless in agana buying water- uh oh.
    going to sigua falls half asleep, wearing zori and taking the long way should never be anyone’s idea of fun.
    the worst part was going down the falls because it had just sprinkled prior to going down.
    i did it though and i am glad i did.

  6. Josie says:

    You hiked to Sigua in zories?
    Dude. That’s just crazy.

  7. Michelle says:

    I love the creative approach to this blog entry. It’s neat-o!

  8. Gail says:

    If you go in the rain season you can pretty much slide down the trail (not the ‘historical’ one!) and at least you won’t get fried. Getting back out is another story, just be ready to be coated in red mud. The falls are also more attractive with more water. Great memories – thanks!

  9. Kate says:

    I love living vicariously through your boonie stomps, Jos. The first time I ever went boonie stomping was in college to Tarzan Falls with a bunch of people. At the end of a fun-filled day on the way up the trail, Andy Wheeler had to drag me up with him as I hung on to his backpack straps and Monaeka Flores had to literally shove me up the hill from behind. Quite the barrel of laughs.

  10. Bryan says:

    We went to these falls while on Guam in 1978, while I was in the Marines. We went by way of the tank farm. The hike didn`t bother us, but then again we were young infantry Marines.
    The falls were beautiful, and worth the trip.

  11. Jon Oaks says:

    I’ve got you all beat; I hiked to Sigua in 1969 when I lived there. It was a hot hike, and regardless of the size of the falls, it was nice to dip in and cool off (knowing you had to hike back)!

  12. john says:

    Can anyone help me and my friends get to sigua falls? Possibly someone who knows the short way to get there.

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