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Shiny Happy Photographer

Excuse me a minute while I blow my own horn, but I am extremely stoked to see my name referenced in the Guampedia article on Guam Photography:

[Digital Photography] “With the emergence of digital photography technology in the 1990’s and almost total acceptance in the new millennium, a new group of photographers have become players in Guam’s art photography market. Many of the new photographers are former graphic artists with computer skills such as Steve Hardy, J.R. Manuel and Josie Moyer.”

I feel all shiny inside.
I feel this way for two reasons, actually. One, just being mentioned on Guampedia is really cool! And two, the very mention grants me the kind of validation I need from time to time. When I bought my first digital camera in 2001, it was purely for my own amusement. I didn’t imagine then that my little hobby would blossom into a new facet of my career in design. In retrospect, I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does because my career in design itself started out as a hobby. The problem with that, though, is the insecurity and worry that comes along with being mostly self-taught: Am I good enough to do this professionally? When can I call myself a professional graphic artist/photographer/web designer (and hopefully one day videographer)? I think the answer is simple: you can call yourself a professional when all or most of your income comes directly from doing what it is you’re doing.

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4 Responses

  1. brent says:

    validation? you need validation. good golly girl! i’d be in heaven if i had half your talent! i look at your work and sigh, if only i could do “that”. yah, i know you are only human. but we’ve always known, and appreciated your talent.
    congrats on the article! that’s way cool.

  2. Bob says:

    This is no surprise to people that follow your website.
    I have been a fan for over a year and enjoy your personality and sense of humor. I think you have more anonymous fans then you know and we are all rooting for you. My guess is you would be shocked to know just how many are out here.
    You are very gifted person. As long as you stay close to your family and friends, you will go far. We can tell this is what motivates you.
    Someday maybe I’ll see you in a restaurant and will stop by to say hi.

  3. Mr. Puggle says:

    Am I good enough to do this professionally?
    ******oh i am with you josie! i am starting out too and am self taught too. but you ARE doing it! congrats on your name in the guampedia. i have not been able to follow your blog lately bc i am getting all my stuff up and running. 🙁 i miss guam so much on cold chicago days like this.
    would love for you to sign mr. puggle’s guest book so guam can be represented. maybe you have a picture of an animal to add? do you still have your kitty?
    also you HAVE to listen to the animated pug on his blog. there is a guam connect there. http://www.mrpuggle.blogspot.com/ i am determined to blog everyday with a picture of mr. puggle.
    keep up the great work and congrats on your “professional” status. 🙂 you go girl and watch out videography world, josie is a coming.
    esta, jennifer alfred
    ps. my gallery goes off line today, but you can try to see what i have been up to. http://www.jalfred.com click on view gallery. now i have to figure out flash and ftp sites to upload my own. sheeesh, always something.

  4. omg, so i just saw your video when you were on KUAM. it was so cool to hear your voice. i have only read your words. you have such a little quiet wispy voice. i guess i imagined it would be bolder? i guess bc i see you as bold on your blog. but your laugh was bold. that was nice. well anyway. i feel like i know you better now seeing you in action vs reading your posts. esta, jennifer alfred
    ps. it was fun to see jason salas (does he ever age?) and hear the kuam music. we still sing akins kroll toyota theme song while waiting for the movie to start even though we are in chicago. tee hee hee

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