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Sea Otter! Kawaii!

Of all the animals in the magnificent Osaka Kaiyuken Aquarium, I have to say this sea otter really made my day. Don’t get me wrong–the huge whale shark and the giant manta ray were extremely impressive, as were all the other animals. But there was something about just watching this guy do laps while the other otters slept that made me feel good. I swear, he was smiling the whole time he was swimming.
(Click the image below to view the video clip.)

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  1. Toni says:

    Otters are the best. I’d have to say they are a favorite. I got a shirt when I was in Monterey last summer, to celebrate the release of HP and the Half-Blood Prince. It had the cutest little otter on it with glasses and that recognizable scar. Guess what his name was?!?
    Hairy Otter.
    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the shirt. I’m such a dork.
    The otters rocked the Monterey aquarium, though.

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