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One really great thing about being closely tied to people who work in the automotive industry, aside from the security of knowing that if your car ever breaks down you’ve got an ace mechanic on speed dial, is being informed of when to take advantage of your vehicle’s warranty. If I didn’t have such connections, I would never have known that the cargo clips in the back of my jeep that are starting to show signs of rust can be replaced free of charge. Or that the corner piece of side molding that chipped because it got caught in the door is also covered and the whole panel can be replaced for free.
It pays to RTFW (Read The Freaking Warranty), or in my case, know someone who has read it. I myself can’t be bothered to read all that mumbo jumbo. I just bat my eyes and flip my hair and in my girliest of girly voices very sweetly ask the strong and handsome mechanic man to explain it all to little ol’ me. Man! I feel like a woman!
(I’m kidding!)
If there’s something broken or worn on your car, RTFW. Chances are it’s covered.

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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Your pictures look FANTASTIC!…you really are a pro. I am still trying to familiarize myself with photoshop – are your pics more camera quality than enhancement?…One thing is for sure, the shot and the angle is all skill 8o).
    On the subject of warranties, I just wanted to give you a heads up on the terms of service for Google…
    On your right hand bar, where you have your Google ads, you should remove the text that reads “please help support L13 by visiting these links”…if Google catches wind of this you’ll be banned from displaying their ads.
    The terms of service make it clear that you should not in any way encourage ad clicks by drawing special attention to the displayed ads with click instructions…this is known as promoting “click fraud”.
    Just thought I’d let you know…don’t want to see a fellow Guamanian take a hit.
    p.s. what is your going rate for shots?

  2. Josie says:

    Thanks for the Google advice Mike. I’ll take care of that right away. 🙂
    I use photoshop to assign the white/black/grey points and adjust the contrast of my photos if needed. I also use the image sharpening mask, crop tool & dodge/burn when needed.

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