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Round 1.3 Answer

aka Governor Ricardo J. Bordallo Complex
Round 1.3 winners
Christine Lalaine
Rich T
Jennifer, you commented about Adelup but didn’t say if that was your answer. Was that your way of answering? If so you get a point.
In the lead with 4 points: Rich T
Close behind with 3 points each: Christine Lalaine, EQ
*First to answer correctly = 1 extra point

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2 Responses

  1. Brian Que says:

    I drove by adelup everyday but I never noticed those statues. I guess I was either driving too fast or it was always in the shadows of the tree.

  2. Jennifer in Chicago says:

    Remember the movie the Jerk with Steve Martin? When he found his name in the phone book? That will be my response, “I am somebody now! I am somebody! I got a point on Josie’s Where am I game!”
    Yes, Adelup was my answer 🙂

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